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As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert, IĀ  have noticed that some single gentlemen can naturally be in sync with making a woman smile and other single gentlemen have absolutely no clue at all when it comes to romancing the single woman.Ā  I thought I would share some simple ideas about building a relationship with a single woman.

  • Tell her she looks great, she is beautiful or that you love what she is wearing.
  • Ask her about her day and be genuinely interested in her activities.
  • Hold her hand at any moment.
  • Put your arm around her.
  • Let her know she is someone you like and value.
  • When she is upset, let her vent and try not to fix it.
  • Call her in the morning and make sure she is awake.
  • Bring her a coffee.
  • Notice the little things.
  • Like her cat and her girlfriends.
  • Write a love note.
  • Send flowers to her work for no reason.
  • Give her a nickname.
  • Introduce her to your friends and family.
  • Be patient — let her take as many photos a she wants.
  • Smile, Smile, Smile.
  • If you are falling in love with her, let her know.
  • Look into her eyes.
  • Notice her outfit and the effort she put into getting ready for your date.
  • Be a Gentlemen – Always!
  • Know what her favourite wine or any other treats she may enjoy.
  • Treat her the same way around your friends as you do when you are alone.
  • Cuddle, fall asleep in each others arms.
  • Let her pick the movie or restaurant.
  • Have fun – be light hearted.
  • Talk, walk and share nature.
  • Visit an animal shelter or pet store together.
  • Notice her beauty.
  • Make plans for the future.
  • Fix something for her around her apartment.
  • Buy her a small gift.
  • Laugh at her jokes, do not be afraid to tease her.
  • Mail her an old fashion letter.
  • Buy her cards – it may be the best way of letting her know how you feel.
  • Make her breakfast, bar b q or supper.
  • Go for a drive and share time talking.
  • Massage her back or feet.
  • Let her know you are exclusive.
  • Plan an activity that you both can do.
  • Show her your passions and and if it is sports, make her aware of how it is played.Ā  Make a game of teaching her the names of all the Football Teams – get her involved in a fun way.
  • Treat her to a spa.
  • Watch movies together and share a bowl of popcorn.
  • Binge watch some guilty pleasures – it is amazing how you can bond over some lighthearted reality tv.
  • Talk about the future.
  • Get to know each others bucket list.

There are so many ways to get to know the single woman you are dating.Ā  When you invest in your new relationship – you will see the results come back to you.Ā  When you know better,Ā  you can do better.Ā  Ask your Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert for any insight she may have on the single woman you are dating.Ā  Single Gentlemen, invest early in a relationship and it will carry you far in terms of relationship success.


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