Valentines Day – Your Opportunity to Tap into Single Sensuality

Your Opportunity to Tap into Single Sensuality
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Sensuality and Love,  it is very powerful, it is what inspires poets and musicians, it is the power and essence of us all.  It grows as it is given, it carries a greatness in its quest for reaching outward.  So how can you tap into your sensuality when you are single?  It is simple you go within, all you need to know is how to access it.  The experience of your own love and sensuality is NOT what some one can give you, it is activated when you love yourself.  It is important that you are not confused about what that looks like.  When you are tapping into your love and sensuality you will feel alive, you will feel your body and it’s beauty.  You will know that your spirit is part of your body.  You will feel in your highest power and complete.  It is NOT feeling like having sex all the time, or obsessively thinking about sex or having to fit into anyone’s definition of sexy but your own.

As a woman with her own experiences and access to talking with single men and single women over the last 25 years,  I have complete clarity that when we are single we can ignore our very own pleasure and convince ourselves that we need to enslave ourselves to our careers,  being parents and basically getting caught up in the day to day chores that come with adulting and owning a home.  You can feel like a hamster in a wheel and unknowingly be starved for pleasure, all the while, you are exuding anger, resentment to those that may be the ones you want to attract into your life.

Generations of men and women have been trapped into feeling like victims from their past,  blaming others for feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.  It is important focus on finding their pleasure through their passions, dreams and of course by being in tune with their very own sensuality.  Now it is important that you do not confuse sensuality with pornography.  It is more about staying in tune with your sensual badass and not suppress your erotic nature.  Single men and women, if they get caught up in life and it’s day to day challenges- they will literally dim the light within themselves.  Think about it as sensual intelligence,  it will connect you to joy and enthusiasm.  It will ignite a sacred light.

The library is filled with erotic books,  our whole culture is obsessed with the 50 Shades serious because it ignites our imaginations.  Pleasure will shift your life and chemistry.  In the presences of chemistry and attraction the brain releases  the feel good endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine and they over power our day to day stress that is weaved with cortisol.   What more is we smile, we feel happy, it boost our inner confidence and will seriously look better.  The pleasure part of our brain is filled with memories of great food, great music, movies, love and joy.  the more we reconnect with that part of our brain the healthier we will be.

I pray for the courage

To walk naked

At any age

To wear red and purple

To be unladylike,


Scandalous and incorrect

To the very end.



We all long for love,  we live in an age where we no longer have to conform into the ideals of society.  My advice is to get very in touch and aware of your sensuality.  When women are, they feel beautiful and powerful, men tell me they are happy when the women they love is happy.  This Dating Expert will advise all you single men and single women to explore yourself.

  • Find and have a relationship with your own body
  • Indulge in spoiling yourself with great under garments, robes, pjs
  • Read about love, passion and eroticism
  • Worship your skin and body with spa home treatments or massage
  • Eat great food, drink what tantalizes your taste buds
  • Listen to music you love
  • Dance and have fun
  • Write poetry or love letters to your future legendary love
  • Buy flowers for yourself, diffuse essential oils that stimulate love
  • Breathe, meditate, relax
  • Watch Romantic Movies with an inspired attitude.
  • Eat great Chocolate
  • Only be around people who support and inspire love
  • Have FUN!!

The best part of tapping into your inner sensuality and self love is that you will gain power of happiness and peace that no one can take from you.  You get it from yourself and so no one can take that away from you.  You are in charge of  this area of your life first, before you can share it with anyone. The investment into self love and sensuality will truly help you be you best self and you will carry yourself differently and people will notice that something is different.  Have an open mind, be willing to step out of your comfort zones and take risks.  Jump in – participate, trust in the process and you need to take the risk to step out of your comfort zone.  Matchmaking has been such an exciting profession,  love is what makes the world go around and it all starts will self love and sensuality.  Have fun and play with an open mind…. you single men and single women will be happier with self and life and so it will pay off in finding and attracting someone wonderful into your life.


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