Soulmates, Karmic Relationships and Twin Flames – What A Professional Matchmaker & Dating Expert Knows

Soulmates, Karmic Relationships and Twin Flames -- What A Professional Matchmaker & Dating Expert Knows
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SOULMATES – Finding the Perfect Person

Soulmates may feel like an overused term, but a true Soulmate Connection is rare and it is real. As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert,  I have been asked so many times about Finding the Perfect Person.   We all know the story “Beauty and The Beast,”  well legend has it” there is always a reason why Soulmates meet.  Maybe they found each other for reasons that were not so different after all.  They’re two souls searching and found a home lost in each other.  When Souls find comfort in one another, separation is NOT possible.  The reason they’re brought together is NO ACCIDENT….Maybe he needed someone to show her how to live and she needed someone to show him how to love.”

Soulmates are people with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity with.  This may involve love, romance, friendship, family, intimacy or sexuality.  Trying to describe a Soulmate is something that NO WORDS can encompass.  Soulmates are the key to your lock, the lid to your pot, the yin to your yang….your everything.  When your eyes met each others’, your Soul pointed and whispered to your heart….”That is your Soulmate”…..

If your partner is your Soulmate, chances are he or she has been present in your past lives.  Soulmates often choose to come back during the same lifetime.  You feel a sense of familiarity or deja vu or just that feeling of knowing and accepting this person no matter what.  You just get each other.  You love each others’ flaws , and even though relationships are not perfect, Soulmates seem to be able to accept more easily.  You love them just as they are.  The difference between someone you love in your life and your Soulmate –one is a choice and the other is not!

When it comes to finding the perfect person, when it is time for Souls to meet, there is nothing on earth that can prevent them from meeting, no matter where each other may be located.  It is inevitable, the relationship is more intense than what you would have experienced with others on BOTH  good and bad levels.  Soulmates will have an immediate connection the moment they meet.  A connection so strong that you will be drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before, as the connection develops over time, you experience love so deep, strong and complex–that you begin to doubt that you have ever really truly loved anyone prior.  Your Soulmate understands and connects with you in every way on every level which brings a sense of peace, calmness and happiness when you are around them, this bonding is like no other you have experienced in your lifetime.  This love will be a great gift, one you will be eternally thankful for.  It will be you two against the world.  You feel so linked that you are ready to take on any feat, as long as you have each other by your side this relationship is founded on unity.  You are mentally connected, you can guess that it is them when the phone rings and you have not looked at the call display yet……you are on  the same page and may even finish each others’ sentences.  There is a sense of knowing.  A person who will play on your insecurities whether consciously or unconsciously is NOT A SOULMATE.  A Soulmate will make you feel secure and protected.  You can not imagine life without them you can not walk away from them easily they are worth staying at all costs.  You definitely look at each other deeply in the eyes when you speak….you are no ordinary couple, there is a deep seated connection.  You were designed by the Universe to be Soulmates.  Freewill will allow you to stay or leave a Soulmate relationship, your heart will feel when you have found each other.  Soulmates can be an individual or of the same sex or even a friend or family member.  You may never have a physical relationship but the love and the depth of the connection will last a lifetime.  You never feel vulnerable and your Soulmate loves you for who you are not how you look.  Soulmates are meant to bring character out in you, so there are definitely obstacles and challenges.

Karmic Relationships What a Dating Expert knows

Karmic Relationships are Soulmates that are coming together to reconcile from a past life. As a Professional Matchmaker, these Relationship are the ones that my clients have shared with me that have impacted their lives.   These relationships usually have off the chart, intense attraction and passion.  This relationship is often turbulent, it is a relationship of highs and lows.  There are arguments, hurtful words following by love and passion.  One of the first relationships you enter in your life romantically is a Karmic Relationship because things are NOT meant to work out.  Karmic Relationships often are filled with lessons that you were not able to work out in a previous lifetime– the relationships are difficult because they are meant to change our lives.  The worse decision you can make is trying to make this relationship work.  People who marry young and then go through a divorce is often a strong indication of a Karmic Relationship.  The most important part of that relationship is to be strong enough to move on.  Some people will even have to go through more than one Karmic Relationship and once you conquer  the lessons you are suppose to know,  then you inevitably move on to a Soulmate Relationship.  The Karmic Relationship will trigger those internal lessons involving jealousy, self worth, autonomy, fears and worthiness of love.  When it comes to finding the perfect person, Karmic Relationships are important but not lasting relationships.


Twin Flame Relationships — What  a Dating Expert Knows

Often when I talk with clients , they have not even heard of a Twin Flame Relationship.  As a Dating Expert I have researched Twin Flame Relationships to discover that Twin Flame Relationship definitely do NOT happen every lifetime.  Twin Flames meet each other in their very 1st incarnation to the world,  they are not those who we connect with on a Soul level,  but they are someone we shared the same Soul with.  The theory states, they were separated from one Soul source in the beginning of time and split into two physical bodies.  they are often reunited in their last and final time on earth.  This relationship is a magical and exciting experience.  Twin Flames often share very parallel life experiences before they meet.  For example, growing up in different homes with similar upbringings.  Spiritual growth is fundamental in Twin Flame Relationships.  There is a mirror like quality when you come in contact with our Twin Flame everything that we have spent our lives running from or denying is suddenly right there in front of us.  Regardless of the challenges, it is sure that Twin Flames stay together to assist in each other in growth and evolution as it is our last incarnation on earth.

As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert most people I come in contact with have thought very little about Karmic Relationships or even heard of Twin Flame Relationships, it took years of my own growth and forces transpiring to educate me.  I know one thing I was put on this earth to help people find the perfect person, and let the Universe do what it is suppose to.  We all desire not to just fall in love but be a part of that once in a lifetime type of love story.  We are evolving and because of that, so will our romantic relationships.  The one thing to remember through all these relationships is that if someone is trying to move on it is vital to let them go.  There is no love that you need to beg for or hold onto tightly because of fear of losing them.  The old saying, if you love someone set them free, knowing if it is meant to be they will return and if they do not….then consider it a beautiful lesson in love that you were meant to go through.

In summary,a Soulmate is an intense relationship on both good and bad levels, there’s an immediate connection and absolutely nothing can stop Soulmates from meeting.  When it comes to Finding the Perfect Person you never have to force that relationship.  You may credit someone to be your Soulmate to justify being with them, remember one is a choice FINDING A REAL SOULMATE  IS NOT A CHOICE, it is destined to happen.  As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert, let me remind you that a Karmic Relationship is all about reconciling from a past life.  It is usually one of the first relationships you have and a Karmic Relationship is NOT  meant to last, they are meant to teach and change your lives.  A Twin Flame Relationship is RARE, the chances are slim to encounter a Twin Flame Relation they are someone you shared a Soul with in your 1st incarnation and a Twin Flame Relationship will happen in your last incarnation on Earth.  Remember when it comes to finding that perfect person to share life with, just let it happen naturally  and HAVE FUN!

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