What Single Women Want In Relationships – What a Dating Expert Wants MEN To Know

What Single Women Want In Relationships - Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert in Calgary
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Single men, you may think you know what single women are looking for when it comes to committing to relationships – As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert, I have been honored by Single Women being open and honest about what they really want.  I believe if you have some insight to what goes on inside a woman’s mind, you can better relate to them and be more successful in having relationships with them.

  • Romance – Just so this Dating Expert is clear – Sex is not romance.  Women love to be taken out on a date, it can be a casual dinner or a 5 star restaurant, for coffee or a movie.  When you are with her be thoughtful, open the door for her, hold her hand and walk her to her door.  Flowers are a romantic gesture and quick texts saying you are thinking about her, or you can not wait to see her.  Affection is also romantic, do not pressure someone you want to have a relationship with later into having sex too soon.  It changes everything.
  • Success, Accomplishment and Ambition – Women are always impressed with a man who has taken charge of his career path.  A man who has direction in what he is passionate about, a man who will go to work and a man who will be a trusted companion in the future if you are going to have a family together or share life together.
  • Humor –  Not everyone is a stand up comedian, and if you are like John Candy – that can be a bit over the top, if you lack humor or you have that dry sense of humor,  do not try to be someone you are not – just be that man who can smile ans show a lady the you are easy going and playful.
  • Physical Attraction – you do not need to be a movie star, women can be attracted to all types of men like the manly man, the boy next door, the jock or professional.  The most important thing is that you put effort into looking great for the opposite sex.  A great shirt, jeans, shoes and watch are all part of dressing up for the opposite sex.  If there is no sexual attraction, there will be no relationship.  It goes without saying that women always ask for a great smile, white teeth and great breath.  Most women have no problems dating a gentleman who is losing his hair, as long as he does not try to get creative with it.  No comb overs, the shorter the better if you are balding.
  • A Gentleman – the most important thing about being a gentlemen is being classy.  Your language, your etiquette and mannerisms.   There is nothing that turns a single woman off more than crude behavior.
  • Intelligence – women love men who are intelligent.  That does not mean you need to brag about your degree, women will respect single men with insight to what is happening around the world and current events.  The most important thing is to know a little about everything so that you can conduct yourself socially.  Someone who is confident in their own skin and it shows.
  • Trust – a Single Gentleman will go far in life if he can make a woman feel safe, secure and that he is trustworthy.  Single women want to be able to trust the man they love and they want to be trusted by them as well.
  • Intimacy — when the time is right, women want to have a man who can make her feel incredible.  There is nothing more romantic than a man who can rock your world sexually.  Sometimes singles will talk about having sex on the third date,  a woman wants to know that you respect her.  If she feels respect, then she will be able to trust you intimately.
  • Generous –   women want a man who is reasonable when it comes to being generous.  If a man comes on too strong with gifts and generosity, she may get suspicious, there has to be rhyme or reason to it.  The biggest turn off is when a man is a cheapskate, generosity in small doses is appreciated.  If you are trying to pursue a single woman, do not forget your wallet or count pennies or bring a coupon.
  • Interesting – Exciting – Passion – there is nothing more sexier than a man who has many layers, someone whose eyes light up when he talks about what he enjoys – whatever you are into, deliver it with confidence!
  • Balance – This one can be tricky, when you meet someone and you are super excited about getting to know each other, I do recommend that you  take it slow, if you are always available to a woman, it will be excessively clingy.  A woman will be more impressed that you have a life, friends, activities and hobbies.  Take it slow.

When it comes to dating and falling in love, you need to be yourself.  Your friends and family may not point out some bad habits you have accumulated over the years.  No one is perfect, no woman is expecting perfect.  The best advice is to be a considerate gentleman with genuine intent.  Ladies love to know where they stand with someone in the romance department.  Show her, so there are no doubts.  Be strong, confident and go after what you want.  The most important advice that a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert can give to single men in Calgary and Edmonton is be someone who leaves no doubt about what they have to offer a woman in terms of long term relationships.


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