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Matchmaker Advice to Singles
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As the month of January comes to  an ending,  you can not help but be bombarded by all the advertising and hype about Valentines Day.  WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOU ARE SINGLE AT VALENTINES??  This Dating Coach and Expert has the best advice you can take and use not only during the hype of Valentines season, but this will be the best advice you can you use for the entire year ahead of you…. BE YOUR OWN VALENTINE.  What a concept, SELF LOVE.  Self Love will be your best weapon to attracting and  manifesting the perfect person to fall in love with.  I will give you simple instructions to this process and I guarantee that it will get you into the mindset that will raise your vibration in all areas of your life, as love is the strongest and most powerful vibration there is, it will give you an edge, tapping into all things positive and will naturally affect all areas of your life in a beneficial way.  Over the last last two and a half decades of matchmaking,  I  have interviewed single men and single women and then I have had the privilege of  having a bird’s eye view to who really gets the single man or single woman they want and then proceeds to falling in love and having someone to share all of life’s blessings with and someone to lean into when life send you lemons.


  • First things first,  as a single man or single woman- you need to check in with yourself.   What do you really feel about yourself, are you loving on yourself or are you loathing on yourself.  I want you to take the time to look in a mirror and then take notice to how you feel.  Are you kind, loving and complimentary to yourself or are you negative and hard on yourself?  I want you to start with your face, eyes and smile – you need to compliment yourself and know that you have the most incredible eyes that show the world your inner light,  then it’s time to smile and compliment yourself and say that you are lovable, beautiful and amazing! Your mind and body will respond with this new found language and then you need get into a habit of being grateful for “being you” and know that when you give yourself kudos that you are valuable, sexy and lovable, your body will respond to it.  When you step into your personal power, when you are truly “ALL IN”- the opposite sex will notice it because you will take that energy with you everywhere.
  • Second,  you need to take in the image of your entire body – really look at yourself, look at yourself in a full length mirror.  Everyone is flawed, scarred and a work in progress while at that same time, every single person is lovable and attractive, sexy to the opposite sex and a true miracle.  Your body has taken you everywhere in your life,  it is there when you are both good and reckless with it, time to truly be grateful and give your body the praise and recognition it deserves and you will feel instantly how your body, mind and soul feels and responds to your inner compliments or self loving thoughts of it.  So my dear single men and single women, this Matchmaker and Dating Coach wants you to take note of all the wonders you have been blessed with.  Your skin, the form and shape your body, your stature and size and then look for your assets that will be attractive to the opposite sex.  After 20,000 interviews with singles, you need to trust this Matchmaker and know how everyone has their vulnerabilities and we all have been programed to be so hard on themselves, and yet we can easily see all the beauty in someone else.   As a woman you may have a sexy and kissable neck, a beautiful small in your back, a bodacious booty and hips – feminine hands, legs and feet and if you are a man take note in your strength of your body,  your powerful legs, arms, back, chest and booty.  Men and women are built differently, and that is so the opposite sex will naturally notice and be attracted to its’ polar opposite to its’ self – it is just because of masculine and feminine energy.  We all know how it feels to have sexual attraction to the opposite sex, it is powerful and when you embrace your body and the power of your own sexual energy, the opposite sex will intuitively feel that and it will start a chain reaction of chemistry, attraction that will motive them to take action towards getting to know the person that catches their attention.
  • Next it is time to think about what personality traits that you are looking for in the opposite sex, write a list of all the qualities that you would want for your Valentine to be.  It is so easy to think about what you would want in personality traits and values of the opposite sex and the reason I want you to write the list is because that list is truly who you are.  Every time I do this exercise with a single man or single woman and they look at the attributes they want, it is a secret map to who they are exactly in personality.  When you look at that list, it may feel daunting – just know that you exist and so there is absolutely someone else out there for you to meet and fall in love with.  All you need to know is what you are looking for,  have a crystal clear vision of it, hold onto that with certainty and the Universe will deliver that to you.  If you do not know what you want… will you be able to recognize it when it is right there in front of you.
  • Lastly…..and this is a MUST.  Single Men and Single Women – Treat yourself as you would want your Valentine to treat you.  It can range from  pouring  yourself a romantic bath with candle light, buying yourself a massage, chocolates or flowers, investing in sexy undergarments that ignite your senses, buy yourself a card, spend the night listening to music and dancing or take yourself out to lunch or coffee or even better get extravagant and purchase or treat yourself to something you have wanted for awhile.  It will be great for your single soul and it will start the chain of events that will call in the person you are suppose to love passionately.

My experience has been devoted to singles and their quest for love…..when you love yourself first, it will awaken your sensuality and your life force.  When you reconnect to all your own assets, you will be able to recognize them in others.  When you love yourself first, it will awaken the dormant parts of you and  fuel sexual chemistry.  Self Love is the secret ingredient that singles need to tap into to and crack open the confidence code and then sex appeal will be an inside job that others will notice and feel.


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