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Single Men and Women in Calgary and Edmonton Dating Expert
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You may have been out of the dating scene for awhile, or maybe you have hit a block as to what to do – A Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert is the perfect person to get some insight of what single men and single women should be doing on dates.Β  First Dates are meant to break the ice and establish if there is chemistry, second dates are there to have fun, shine and get to know each other.Β  Alberta is an amazing place to fall in love!Β  Here is a list to get you started on dates that no one will forget.

  • Skating or Snowshoeing – embrace our winter’s beauty.
  • Bowling – no skills needed and the shoes will make for some fun on your date.
  • Squash or Racquetball – Introduce your date to an activity that they may not have ever tried, most of us have been introduce to badminton in school or ping pong,this is a fresh take.
  • Shopping – A lot of women like to shop, so why not get a ladies opinion for your furniture, decor or clothes. Single Ladies may need a Single Gentleman’s opinion on a car or tires or a home reno project.
  • Adventure – there are some great adventure trips in Jasper and Banff.
  • Gondolas, Mountains, Hot Springs
  • Pet Shops – show a Single Woman your softΒ  and cuddly side.
  • Cooking Classes – learn a skill together, see if you are naturally paired for what may become your future lives together.
  • Cooking At HomeΒ  – Impress her with you skills in the kitchen and Single Ladies, they say the way to a Single Man’s heart is through food.
  • Bar B Q – Enjoy our Alberta Beef together
  • Movie Night – Have her pick a movie and then you can pick the next.
  • Day Trip – Drives are amazing.Β  Pick a location and stop for coffee or ice cream.
  • Picnic – Enjoy some time together under a tree with some wine and cheese.
  • Double Date – Eventually she will have toΒ  meet your friends.
  • Visit Show Homes – there is something great about looking at the lifestyle you are both dreaming about. You will get to understand each others’ taste and style.
  • Wine Tasting – Enjoy a true wine tasting at a Restaurant or get some cheeses, cracker and grapes and improvise at home.
  • Dessert or Appetizer Dates – go to a couple of restaurants and only order dessert or only order appetizers.
  • Classes – Art, Meditation, Yoga, Boxing….
  • Parks – Our cities are filled with beautiful Parks, google them and go to a park in your city.
  • Walking Trails – Plan an hour long walk, it is a great time to enjoy nature and talk.
  • Painting Evenings – Art Class with a glass of wine, they are everywhere right now.
  • Dancing – try something new… country, salsa, electronic….
  • Photography – take your camera or use your phone and see who can see beauty and capture it.Β  This can be done in nature or use the city skylines as your inspirations.
  • Art Gallery or Museum – sounds cliche and yet always a good idea.
  • Library – take some time to read magazines or just search books together.
  • Coffee Shops – find a tradition coffee shop and play a board game.
  • Theater -see what is playing in your area.
  • Symphony – music is intoxicating, listen to it together holding hands with your eyes closed.
  • Concerts – try a new genre, or introduce your Single Lady to one of your favorites, your enthusiasm will be contagious.
  • Live Bands – check out some local talent, enjoy a beer or two.
  • Cultural Festivals – so many festivals in the summer or look for a winter festival as well.
  • Nature – Mother Nature’s gift to Single Men and Single Women, enjoy.
  • Comedy Clubs – laughing is always a great stress reliever and a good time.
  • Markets – explore what a market can offer from it’s artisans.
  • Bike Ride – exercise and nature, bundled into one.
  • Motorcycle Ride – If you have one, put on your leathers!
  • Rollerblading or Rollerskating – there are some great paved paths to explore or music to listen to in a Roller Dome.
  • Spa day – I have never met a gentleman who after trying it, thought it was a bad idea, pamper yourselves with massages from a professional.
  • Float Tank Center – tanks filled with 90% salt content – you can not sink, ask if they have a couple’s tank.Β  Lay back and Relax.
  • Meditation – everyone thinks they can not, have you really tried.Β  Singing Bowl Meditations or Guided Meditation are inspiring.
  • Yoga Night – men & women are both doing it embrace your inner chi.
  • Rock Climbing – so many amazing indoor centers to explore

Dating in Calgary and Edmonton is easy, there are so many things to see and do.Β  Shared experiences will bond you forever – sometimes it is the little things.Β  I met my husband at a country bar and I did not love country music. I was there because I was outvoted by my Single Girlfriends.Β  It was a fun night, and he offered to buy me a hot dog from a cart when we really did not want the night to end.Β  I will never for get it, it stands out of my mind even more than some of the exquisite evenings I spent in fancy restaurants with the wrong Single Man.


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