Single Gentlemen in Calgary and Edmonton – Here’s what you need to know to find LOVE

Single Gentlemen in Calgary and Edmonton
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I was reminded the other day to get back to the basics and that not all singles are the same place when it comes to dating the opposite sex in Calgary and Edmonton. As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert I wanted to reach out to the single gentlemen looking for single ladies and let them know about some basics they need to understand to find love. Single Gentlemen are vulnerable in their journey to find love and often circumstances can play out on dates that leaves both the Professional Matchmaker and them baffled!  This list is made with the intent covering so many basics just disregard the examples that do not pertain to you.  The next time you are inspired by a single woman, you will have the basics in place.

  • Always be prepared for making an amazing 1st impression with you are single!  Even if you are working in a blue collar industry, you can always make sure that the effort was made in the morning  to standing out and looking your best. Keep your haircuts scheduled, invest in the products you need for styling facial hair, have a magnifying mirror that lights up to expose any unwanted  ear or nose hair, black heads and ear wax.  Every single woman I interview will also comment that they want to meet a single gentleman will great clean teeth and a friendly smile.  A good idea is to think about your senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing and feeling. A well groomed single gentlemen will exude confidence, a single lady does notice the details of how you look, dress, smell, if your hands look like something she would like to hold and if your mouth and lips look kissable. You only have one opportunity to make a great 1st impression to a lady.  Grooming habits should be a daily routine, not just something that is done on a Saturday Night.
  • Pay close attention to how you dress!  Clothes should be current, pressed and an effort made into looking sharp.  When I am interviewing Single Women in Calgary and Edmonton they will often put a great dressed man with amazing footwear on their list.  It does not mean you have to be in a dress shirt and dress pants.  Men can make amazing impressions in every type of clothing  whether it is casual, professional, work or sports wear.  DO NOT look like it is something you may have picked off the floor or out of a laundry basket.
  • A Single Gentleman should always act like a true gentleman and is polite to everyone in actions and in words.  Always be aware of how you can be of service or kind to others.  Wait that extra minute to hold a door for the person behind you, pull a chair or offer your coat.  Treat people with respect and do not be so self absorbed that you are oblivious to what is going on around you.
  • Courtesy Consideration …. a habit of asking “can I get that for you and can I make sure that you are safe in your car and arrive home safely as well.  Single women meeting you for a date need to know you have their back.
  • Never swear, never speak in a vulgar manner and never degrade any person.
  • Respect the woman you are with on a date with and never direct your attention  to other women– that would be insulting  and hurtful to the single woman you are with and it is not like you are going to run off and chase down the attention of  another woman.
  • Watch your tone – Never speak loudly.  Single women love a gentle voice never drink heavily,swear, fart or belch.  A single gentleman should always be a gentleman and be in charge of his manners and body.
  • Truly respect ALL women.  Honour ALL women.  A Single woman will notice your character and appreciate your core values.
  • Do not talk about yourself too much.   The conversations should never be one sided, there needs to be a natural rhythm to both singles sharing conversation in an even manner.  Find topics and conversation that both of you can have some input to.
  • Learn to avoid topics of politics and religion until you know someone better.  When someone else brings up these topics, it is better to remain neutral on first dates.
  • Pay attention that the world can be a more threatening environment for a woman walk her to her car and to her front door and make sure she is inside before you leave.  Make sure she gets home safely a quick text to let you know.
  • Consider finding out want your date likes and dislikes.  Invest in getting to know the tv shows, music, food and drinks she enjoys.  Single women will appreciate that you noticed and remembered.
  • Send a card or flowers or stop by with a coffee.  It is the effort that counts.
  • Be open about yourself she is interested in getting to know you.
  • You may enjoy sports and gaming , share that this is one of your passions but never go on and on about topics that she may not understand.  It would be like her sharing about scrap booking or knitting to you.
  • Stand up for your date.  You do not need to get aggressive with everyone who looks at her sideways.  If a situation comes up – put your arm around her and remover yourselves from the situation.
  • Carry yourself with strength always have straight posture – it exudes confidence.
  • Never talk down or tease in a cruel way.  No matter if you think you are joking it could hurt.
  • Never be aggressive – Remember to never sacrifice your values, if there is ever an uncomfortable situation or if someone is offending you, Do not sink to their level…..walk away.
  • When walking on a sidewalk, a single gentleman should walk on the outside and the lady to the inside where she is safe and protected from traffic. This may seen very old fashion, it was something my dad always did and it made me feel special -0- so I had to put into my blog.

Professional Matchmakers and Dating Experts get to hear the feedback about many dates and we get insight to deal breakers.

When you are putting  effort into dating, remember to look your best, act your best and remember there are two people on these dates.  Your first great date , will lead to a second great date, that will lead to all kinds of possibilities.  Ask the Professional Matchmakers and Dating Experts at Love Matches for some advice when needed.  You success in dating is a Matchmakers success!


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