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Relationship Breakers are not anything couples can compromise on. When it comes to finding love for single men and women in Calgary and Edmonton, a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert has heard and witnessed it all and can help you navigate the dating scene and give you clarity on what you can live with and what you can not live with, in terms of turning dating into a long term relationship.

I spend at least 2 hours initially getting to know my members and I am able to list off hundreds of questions without offending anyone because my singles know I am interviewing both the men and the women the exact same way. When I am profiling single men and women in Calgary and Edmonton, these are the facts that I need to understand because no matter how much chemistry and attraction there is between 2 people, as time goes on the deal breakers will ruin the relationship even if the love that is there.

  • Religion – When it comes to religion, clients can range anywhere from atheist, spiritual, someone who has a foundation of religion and who are not attending or attending part time or someone who’s faith and religion majorly impacts every aspect of their lives.  A conflict on faith can cause a lot of stress and so it is important to compliment religion or faith especially if the singles are looking to have and raise a family together.
  • Family Orientation – It is important to understand what the person you are dating ideas are when it comes to spending time with family.  Often the structure of your current family dynamics will determine your future relationship with each other’s family.  If you visit your family weekly and you fall in love with someone who has no respect for spending time with family — I can guarantee you as a Professional Matchmaker – you will be heading down a rocky road.  It is also very wise to get to know each others’ entire family before moving past the dating phase.  When family conflict arises, you need to know that your significant other will stand with you.  Many divorcees that I have interviewed will talk about the experience they had with their ex’s family and it does weigh into the deterioration of your relationship.
  • Affection/Sexuality -Affection is when someone is cuddly, affectionate and wants to hold hands in public and it can range from modest to over the top.  Sexuality includes the level of interest in and open mindedness when it comes to sex.  Through a series of personality profiles I am able to determine if your referral and you will be compatible when it comes to intimacy.  Passion is always intense in the beginning of a relationship and it is important to be paired properly when it comes to intimacy – a mismatch can be a deal breaker.
  • Self Image and Lifestyle -Self Image can range from the average person’s expectation to life and lifestyle to someone who Self Image includes designer clothes,a mansion, recreational properties, luxury vehicles and a lavish lifestyle.  A gentleman who is not able to keep up to the expectations of his sweetheart when it comes to lifestyle will often end in a break up.
  • Bad Habits –  Bad habits can include smoking, drinking in excess, drugs or gambling.  People can change their habits and often will when it comes to love.  If you compromise on your feelings towards a bad habit, it will not sit well with your core values — you will find that you will resent this habit in your partner sooner than later.
  • Social Behavior- When you are dating someone who is the life of every party and wants to get out evening after evening and you are a complete introvert who only wants to be at home, you both may tire of being separate and that does not promote a healthy relationship.
  • Integrity and Honesty -Honesty and trust go hand in hand for dating and for the foundation of a relationship.  It is important to really get to know someone before committing to a serious relationship with them.  Most relationships can move through the odd mistake and when it comes to being able to trust the person you are with, if you can not – it is a deal breaker.
  • Someone with kids – When I interview a young gentleman and I ask him if he is willing to date someone with kids, I can always tell if they can or cannot.  Young men often meet a woman they are attracted to and think their attraction is enough to keep them together – children never go away and come with an ex spouse.  The lifestyle of a family is the opposite of a young single person and it is usually a deal breaker.
  • Relationship Goals – Singles need to be honest and have clarity when it comes to what they want in terms of having a family of their own, living common law and marriage.  Many serious relationships end when these relationship goals do not match.  If someone tells you what they want, believe them, singles will not change their opinions on this because they love you.  It is a deal breaker.
  • Vegetarians, Vegans and Carnivores – it has been my experience that the meat eaters often judge the vegetarians and vegans harder than the vegetarians and vegans judge the carnivores.  I have often heard  singles mention that it is a turn off when they meet a picky eater in general.  You spend a lot of your life breaking bread together. It can be a deal breaker.
  • Profession – When he’s a blue-collar worker and you are wanting a white collar professional, it is important to understand whether you are looking for similar or higher education or are you looking for an all round great person.  Before you judge someone on occupation, make sure you get to know them 1st, this is when a Professional Matchmaker can really research if this gentleman is accomplished, well traveled, can dress up or down and handle himself in various social settings, level of intellect and financial stability.
  • A Spend Thrift or Cheapskate – Money can be the root of all evil.  A person who loves to spend money who is paired will a hard core non – negotiable cheapskate never has a happy ever after.  People can respect some differences when it come to money habits, when they are complete and total opposites, it is a deal breaker.

In summary, there is so much to consider when it come to taking dating into a serious relationship.  The divorce rate is so high because so many people go into relationships with blinders on.  A Professional Matchmaker can do so much research and profiling and also have valuable feedback from past referrals.  Falling in Love is wonderful, breaking up and divorce is not – A Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert will be to offer so much valuable insight and guidance to single men and single women in Calgary and Edmonton.


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