The Purpose for Relationships – What Singles need to know in Calgary and Edmonton

The Purpose for Relationships - What Singles need to know in Calgary and Edmonton
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Life is a constant menagerie of relationships. Relationships with family, friends, colleagues, mentors and lovers.  As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert with over 24 years experience, I have made it my life purpose to pair couples.  Relationships are great when they are great and they are painful when they are not.  Many Singles in Calgary and Edmonton have confided in deciding to actively avoid relationships after being hurt by the opposite sex.  Time heals and then one day, that single wakes up and decide that they are willing to try to find love again. I have reflected on what is the purpose of relationships and want to share my Professional Matchmakers Insight with you.

  • Growth is the obvious reason single men and single women have relationships.  Life is all about experience, when we meet someone and fall in love, it is amazing in the beginning and then as time goes on, singles are often devastated by the end result of that relationship.  These experiences are meant to help us grow, humans learn by opposites, the realization that we definitely will NOT accept that into our lives and that we would never conduct ourselves in that manner when it comes to romantic love.  Whatever your experiences have been, someone cheating on you, someone not honoring your value in a relationship, someone placing work and friendships before romantic love or someone just not treating you the way you want to be treated.  These relationships teach us things we may not have learned on our own.  Relationships are big imprinters.  As a Dating Expert and Professional Matchmaker in Alberta, my observation is :  WE GROW THROUGH WHAT WE GO THROUGH IN LOVE !!  As humans we can not become what we want in a relationship by staying or remaining the same.  Romantic relationships can push or pull us in a direction, romantic relationships can drain us or inspire us and whether your romantic interest has stayed by your side or left  you in the end you have either ended up loving or possible disliking  that person or that experience has left you hurt or helped ….. Your relationships are part of your growth …so THANK YOU!
  • Insight is another reason of looking at why single women and single men have romantic relationships.  The physical and emotional feelings we go through in relationships are like none other we experience in our day to day lives.  Relationships create a point of starting and ending.  As singles, we do not move forward without realizing or getting insight for the change that is needed to grow for a better relationship, and so it is a real enlightenment or a real awakening.  If a relationship is making you feel pain, it is human nature to want to blame the other person in the relationship, it is important to consider the other person’s feelings as well.  The pain your partner is causing you, could be equally as painful for them, and they see you as the root of their pain.  Your partner is experiencing awakening and growth as well.  It is important to reflect on the relationship and evaluate it, to determine if it is “of the highest good for you.”  A great insight to deciding if you should stay in a relationship is to consider the relation as an observer.  If you could observe this relation in the point of view of it being your child  going through this relationship experience,  would you want them to stay or leave.  The answer is usually your clarity.
  • Reminders of why we need relationships is another reason we have temporary romantic experiences.  Single men and single women have often shared about one particular relationship experience they have had that was meant to be a reminder to their soul or to themselves about why they need to  invest in romantic love and why love is important.  Singles get busy in their careers, commitments, family, children, friendships, hobbies, sports and just day to day life.  A person can come into your life and stir up feelings about romance and love and then disappear as quickly as they came in, leaving them reflecting on why they have so much emotion around a short relationship.  It is a wake up call, a reminder to get back into the dating game, the romance is worth investing in.
  • Stepping Stone or Relationships that Hold Space for us are romantic encounters that are meant to hold time.  You may meet someone, have feelings for them, date them for 3 months, 6 months or a year and then when the relationship ends, it leaves that single person available at the perfect place and time to move them onto a more significant relationship.  I have heard about men and women being involved in relationships for far too long and then after challenges,  the relationship finally ends and within a short period of time their ex moves on, moves in, gets engaged, pregnant or married so quickly that it feels like a slap in the face.  Life is a length of time, these experiences are meant to deliver that single to their next part of their romantic journey.  There are relationships where you will make some small talk, or just chat with people you barely know and  you may never get to know their names, that stranger in line or at a coffee shop are people who are meant to co-create the experiences you are meant to have.  That unsung matchmaker was meant to stall time or arouse something in you to connect with the opposite sex.  I can give you an example of what happened to me.   I spent my entire 20s having several long term relationships that ended in Edmonton. When I turned 30, there was a Matchmaker friend I had in Calgary started inviting me up to stay with her and as two single young ladies, we would go out and try to meet the opposite sex. One weekend she literally forced me into going to a Country Lounge, it was there I met my husband who was there visiting his bartender friend.  At the time, the company I worked for asked me to help out in the Calgary office and within 3 months I permanently moved to Calgary and have been with my husband since. If it was not for that experience, I would not be in Calgary 19 years later.
  • Lasting Relationships are relationships that we find when we are meant to stay in contact with that person forever.  That person is our FATE and the Universe will deliver that person to us when it is time.  In our lives, this person can be romantic love, intimate relationships, long lasting friendships or even family members.  Embracing the pursuit of love will help you grow in all ways.  Keep an open mind and an open heart.  You never know what your next date or referral may bring.  Looking for love is never easy for single men and single women, every experience will shape what you want and do not want in a relationship.  Strengthen yourself, strengthen relationships.

In summary, finding love is usually an experience that comes with a lot of growth.  I know that some of the most significant experiences we have in life come in ugly wrappers.  When it comes to love, get a Professional Matchmaker or Dating Expert for some guidance in this area of your life.  Many clients have shared that there was no way of meeting the person they fell in love with, if it had not been for the help of a Professional Matchmaker.


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