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As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert for singles in Calgary and Edmonton, who has interviewed over 20,00 singles, I can share some dating advice that is so simple.  Ask yourself this question?  Would I date myself?  If you easily answer no, you can not expect someone else to date you.  If you think about this question and you are thinking that some areas are great and other areas are not so wonderful — that could be the clear reason you are not experiencing relationship success. I will outline the areas that are important to have in place as a foundation to the start of a great relationship.

  • Am I single and available to date someone? That means you do not have friends with benefits, all your conversations are NOT dominated with information about your ex, you do not have one foot in your last relationship as you are putting your next foot out to look for the next relationship.
  • Are you healthy?  Are you feeling that you are happy with your self image, that you are not in the middle of some medical or emotional crisis and that you bring to the relationship a healthy physical, mental and emotional state.
  • Are you employed and self supporting?  When you have your autonomy – you are in a stable place to be in a relationship without worrying about the basics of looking after yourself and you are able to get out and financially afford to go on dates.
  • Can you engage in conversation?  Is there anything that stops you from being a receptive listener and an active participant in a conversation.
  • Are you interesting?  What kind of hobbies, interests intellect, experiences and humour can you bring to a relationship?  Relationships are a give and take.  In order for relationship not to be one sided, there need to be content to share with your significant other.
  • Are your morals and values at the same place that you are expecting in a relationship?  Are you honest, loyal and trustworthy?
  • Are you optimistic or are you negative?  Is your glass half full or half empty?  The energy you exude when you are positive is different than when you are not.
  • Are you confident?  Are your ready to step out of you day to day and engage in meeting the opposite sex?  Ready to go places and share conversation with someone you know very little about?
  • Can you be both authentic and vulnerable?   The opposite sex will know if you are genuine and real.  You do not have to be perfect, you do have to be honest with yourself and others in order to open up communications.
  • Is there something you are passionate about?  Do you light up about something you are excited about that you can share with the opposite sex?
  • Do you clearly know what your relationship goals are?  Are you wanting to date, a relationship, or are you looking for love and marriage and a family.  Having intention is half the battle to getting what you want out of a relationship.
  • Are you carrying negative beliefs that do not serve you now.  When you end a relationship and you are reeling from the pain, you may say that you will never marry again – but years later, when you have healed are you still saying the same things about marriage as when you did when were hurt.  It could make or break a relationship. It may not be how you are really feeling now.
  • Do you have an open mind?  The single biggest reason why what we want does not show up is because we are attached to the outcome.  If you are stuck in what something looks like. there could be better possibilities that you may have never considered or you may be closing doors too quickly before giving love a chance.
  • Have you considered any underlying fears or doubts that may be blocking your relationship success.  If you do not believe you will get what you want, or you get caught up in excuses like “All the good ones are taken” or Men are just looking for one thing” or “Women are too superficial and money orientated” – then you could be contributing to a self fulfilling prophecy. It only takes one great date to change everything.

Strengthen yourself and then you will strengthen relationships.  A Professional Matchmaker has all the dating experience and dating advice that singles in Calgary and Edmonton need to succeed.  Consider the help of Dating Coaches or Image Consultants to help you get into the lasting relationship you want.


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