Navigating Dating When you Are 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 Dating Advice from A Professional Matchmaker

Navigating Dating When you Are 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 Dating Advice from A Professional Matchmaker
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With over 24 years experience and thousands of Personal One on One Interviews you get to see how Relationships and Dating can change as go through this thing called life.  You start off as a young adult, full of  hopes and dreams for your future with all kinds of single friends at College and University and a non stop Social Calendar.  The only thing that is missing in the equation is dating and relationship experience.  You tend to date whoever is around you that you may think is cute and funny.  Because of Professional Matchmaker Wisdom, I know your first relationships are Karmic Relationships that are meant to teach you about love and life and they are not meant to last.  Life happens, young ladies in their twenties, often invest their time with a man who is willing to have a relationship and that often involves dating and falling in love with an older gentleman who is more ready for these kind of commitments.  Young men are usually wanting to get their Education, Career, Travel Experiences in order before settling down into long term relationships.  Singles who are 25 and looking for a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert are noticing a summer filled with the marriages of friends, or a lot their friends are committing to love and long term relationships. These singles have dated, have had long term relationships and are settled into their careers and often have purchased their first home, their peers no longer have as many singles to introduce them to. These singles are mature and know where they are going in life and that they do want to share the next phase of their life with someone special to build a future with.

Singles who are in their early thirties who are coming into see a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert are ready to get married and start a family.  They do not want to come across desperate by trying to interview singles they meet by trying to determine if they are truly ready for the next step or if they are frauds just wasting their time.  They are established in their careers and know what they want next and want to meet people who are on the same page.  Singles in their early thirties now have some wisdom of who is more suitable to have relationships  in terms of compatibility and are no longer willing to waste their time with singles that do not know where they are going next in life.  Single never married thirty year old singles are ready to get serious and get married and start a family.  Another type of singles thirties that come into see a Dating Expert is someone who got married, had kids and are now separated or divorced.  They can not risk dating people who truly are not willing to date someone with kids and also the commitment of a family really absorbs their spare time.  When I interview young men, they either want to date a woman with a family or they do not and then, when they meet a woman with a family that they are attracted to, they often give the impression that they are open to dating someone with kids, when deep down the truth is that they are not those relationships last 6 months.  Singles that come into see a Professional Matchmaker in their late thirties are usually extremely accomplished professionals.  Professionals that have committed so much of their time to their careers and have often been not understood by singles they have dated who just do not understand their drive.  People in their late thirties without kids are still looking for a family if they meet the right person.

Singles in their forties that are seeking a Professional Matchmaker  and Dating Expert are a mixture of single never married, singles who have lived common law or divorcees with a family and often they have been out of the single scene for over 15 years or more.  These singles have  lot of friends with families who are still married and these friends really have no one to introduce  them to.  These singles had a lot of success dating in their twenties and are really not sure where to start now.  They are established and they want to make sure that they fall in love for the right reasons since they have a failed marriage.  Singles in their forties have children in their mid teens and they can see the light to having their personal life back. They are looking forward to traveling and enjoying the finer things in life with someone who is at the same place as they are in life.

Singles in their early fifties that are seeking a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert are close to retirement, established, divorced or widowed with kids who are in their twenties.  The women in their early fifties usually are financially established.  Men in their early fifties usually are extremely established financially or they are not at all.  These difference cause so many challenges in a long term relationship.  This group is no longer interested in lounges and dating they want to have weekend getaways and dinner parties and travel.  The wisdom that come with this age is great for knowing what they want, and yet they can still be taken in by the wrong relationship.  People in their early fifties feel young and healthy they want to live life to their fullest.  A Professional Matchmaker can really cut through the chaos of trying to figure if some is compatible in terms of physical, mental, financial and health and give the insight to pairing singles with who would truly be a great fit.  Widows and Widowers in their fifties are like night and day.  Women will take 2 to 3 years to get ready to move on from a long term marriage and a Man who had a great long marriage is ready to move on in six months.  When I was a young Matchmaker I struggled with qualifying the men into the membership after losing their spouses only a few months earlier, after 20,000 interviews my opinions has changed drastically.  Men come in and are able compartmentalize their emotion, they know what they had and are problem solvers looking to share their lives with someone again.  They all seem to meet someone quickly, fall in love and go onto getting married again easily.

Singles in their sixties who looking for a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert are often retired, independent, health and know that they have at least 20 years to share with opposite sex.  Men live on average to 79 years old and women 84 years old.  They are looking for love, companionship and a person to share life with.  This age range is often filled with more available women as men pass earlier and date younger.  Singles in their sixties are still looking for chemistry and attraction and intimacy.  These singles are often retired and financially stable and looking to share travel and daily life with a great companion and lover.

In summary it is always a great time to get a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert involved in your love life no matter what age or stage you are at.  A Professional Matchmaker will be able to have insight to what will compliment singles when it comes to their physical, emotional, mental and financial needs.  Dating in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s all come with specialized requirements.  A Dating Expert will have serious, sincere, stable singles who want to share their lives and are often too busy to look after this area of their life.  It is not a great idea to leave the most important part of your life up to chance, you may end up investing time with the wrong relationship or allow precious time to go by with out sharing it.


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