The Men You Do Not Want To Date

The Men You Do Not Want To Date
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Bad Boys, talking about bad boys – love them or hate them, they are easy to love and difficult to date.  As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert, my single female clients trust me to screen and qualify the single men that are not in the right mindset for long term relationships.  These men can be intoxicating and alluring at times,  if you want a relationship filled with chaos, it is best not to get involved and save yourself heartache or take it supper slow with extra caution to at least see how invested they really are with you.  This list is probably familiar if you have been out there in the single scene, and not everybody has been.  It is best to trust your senses and intuition when it comes to dating – if something is not sitting well with your soul, you know the truth – never second guess what you know.  When I am qualifying singles in Calgary and Edmonton – the first questions I have my clients commit to is that they are 100% single and available to date, that finding love is the most important part of their life that they want to look after because they already have their careers, homes, friends and hobbies – if there is any hesitation, there is usually something there that I need to screen and qualify.  The best part about singles who want to see a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach, is that they come in with complete sincerity, they have love and relationships on their mind and realize they can not keep using the same efforts trying to meet their perfect match.  They have done that with not the greatest results, it is best to invest in love now, than continue being frustrated trying to meet on line or in bars and lounges.

Now for the list of Men You Do NOT Want To Date:

  • Womanizer – this gentleman is slick, he knows how to work a room and is not afraid to engage in conversation with the opposite sex.  He collects business cards and is interested in having a large social network of women   He has his routine and pick up lines down to a science – he is looking for quantity when it comes to women and is not always concerned about the quality. He is guilty of scanning the room for prettier woman  and if you talk to women in your social network, he probably has tried to date them.  He is confident and says what you want to hear, he is fun and charming, a great dresser and current.
  • Cheaters – you know the expression “once a cheater, always a cheater….” or “a leopard never changes his spots.”  These expressions are there because woman have fallen in love with these men’s charisma and have tried to figure out cheating, it is either something men do or they are true blue and don’t.  As a Professional Matchmaker, and Dating Expert,  the best way to explain a cheater is that if you think someone is a cheater, then he probably is a cheater.  Your intuition knows!  His phone is locked up tight, he is not transparent and goes missing for hours, days and weekends.  There will always be a lot of tears with a cheater because they are charming and sensual and when you fall for one  – it is deep. Cheaters are often the type of man women want to date, handsome, successful and charismatic.
  • Man Whore – this man is an open book.  He is not great at discretion, he is usually a cocky man, gregarious and his intention to get as many women as he can into bed is transparent because he will let everyone know about his conquests. He actually has an ego where he likes to flaunt the fact that he has this reputation.  If you were to do a little investigating, it is easy to find the single ladies he has been with.  These single gentleman is NOT in the market for a relationship, your friends and family will be able to sense it a swell– trust what others and stay clear.
  • Gym Rat – Meatball – Guido –  these are the gentlemen who generally run in a pack of big muscled, tight t shirted, tattooed and tanned men.  These men are so committed to their guy friends and working out and what they eat, that they never put a woman as a priority.  Their spare time is in the gym.  Single women will share that they do not want to date these guys because they do not like how they look and if the truth be told, when a man like this gives you his full attention, there is that raw animal magnetism that females fall for.  The challenge to dating these men is that you will never be their priority
  • Jock – the Jock is the wholesome athletic type.  The Jock loves his sports and is naturally talented at many sports and is committed to playing them often.  He LOVES SPORTS AND EVERYTHING ABOUT SPORTS, he knows sports, he talks sports, he is in hockey and football pools, he wakes up in the middle of the night to get his updates from Sportsnet.  He is a man’s man and usually has a huge social life involving men that he knows through his sports, these men love to get together a the sports bar and, you guessed it — talk sports.  Jock are straightforward and honest about what they are all about and as long as you give them a lot of time to do what they love to do, you can have a great relationship.  A lot of women want more of their Jock’s time and after relentlessly complaining about it, the relation ends — so you have to assess early if this can be a fulfilling relationship for you.
  • Mr Smooth Operator –  this man is an easy gentleman to date and fall in love with.  He is calm, cool, collected and chivalrous.  He is that boyfriend that opens doors, always says please and thank you, compliments easily and will buy you and your friends drinks.  The downside is that a Smooth Operator is often just a more elegant womanizer and single women fall hard for these gentlemen and they are notorious for having many, many short term flings.
  • Cocky Man – it is weird, these gentlemen are rude and they have some sort of magnetism that comes along with their confidence.  They are not afraid to stir the pot, they have attitude, they are blowhards, they name drop, they throw cash around and do a lot of bragging and arguing around what they know.  The bravado is a mask for insecurity.  Single women have confessed that they were surprised that they could fall for such a guy,  it is that straight up a challenge and women who date a cocky gentleman say it is nothing but a roller coaster ride that does not end well.
  • Drunk – this man can not handle his liquor because he drinks way too much!!  He is loud, he is wasted, he is sloppy, he is intoxicated.  You will straight up meet him near the bartender and the bartender knows him all too well.  Generally single women will confess that they fall for this man when they have met them on a night out where they went too far with alcohol.  The woman has fun in the beginning and becomes fully aware quickly that this man drinks way too much, it is never easy to love a drunk.
  • Rebel – this gentleman prides himself on his non conforming ways.  He has been in trouble with the law and he is proud of it.  He often is very masculine, may own a Harley or two and does not like to play it safe.  He will not respect authority and that usually  reflects that he will have difficulty with his superiors at work and will lose jobs. Hard to build a long term relationship with this fellow because hard commitment is not a priority to a Rebel.
  • Sweet Talker – a Sweet Talker is usually a gentler combination of a Womanizer and Smooth Operator, what is interesting is he is a sheep in wolves clothing because he is not that attractive to women, and he knows it.  He is sneaky with his charm and can lure you in because he does look like a Womanizer, he looks like the boy next door – meanwhile he is on the make under the radar.
  • Nerd – this gentleman is shy, awkward and nervous. He is brains not braun.  He is a gamer, a cos player and spends way too much time on devices.  If you meet a Nerd, you will often have to do all the work for pursuit.
  • Virgin – if a gentleman holds onto his virginity, it can be because of faith or fear.  Faith is great when it aligns with your core values,  fear is something else.  Fear come from him thinking all women are dirty and they will catch something from them or fear about being intimate with a woman.  If a man is young, it is no big deal – if the gentleman is older it is a BIG DEAL, I guarantee you will be opening up a can of worms hear.

Dating can be challenging, my best advice is to put as many positive vibes around what you want so you attract what is right for you.  When single women feel that they are a victim because of what a man did — I will always have a discussion about their part in the relationship and generally they were a willing participant.  It is good to have a positive attitude and look at dating as stepping stones that will lead you to the right partner at the right time.  A Professional Matchmaker knows how to screen and qualify single men,  use a Matchmaker if  you are not meeting the quality of men you desire.


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