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Barb Sim


Finding Love for Singles in the Matchmaking Industry in Calgary and Edmonton since 1993

Thank You for looking at Love Matches and having interest in finding love.   I have been working in the Professional Matchmaking and Dating Coaching Industry  decades and  I have personally conducted over 20, 000 one on one personal touch interviews and it’s been my honour to have invested thousands  of hours Date Coaching my clients about Real Life Dating and Relationships.   My strength is by far my listening skills and ability to provide insight on romance, dating and relationships.  Matchmaking is something that comes naturally to me.  My career of Professional Matchmaking and Dating Coaching started 10 years before Internet Dating became the norm.  Family and friends at that time were skeptical of  Matchmaking even being a viable career – because 24 years ago – Professional Matchmaking was new to Canada…even though unsung Matchmaking has been going on for centuries.

When I conducted my first few personal touch one on one interviews in my Rookie year, there was ABSOLUTELY no doubt in my heart that this was both a viable profession and my life purpose!  I pride myself in being part of the original Team of Professional Matchmakers who literally pioneered this Industry in Canada  and that I have an innate gift to help members find both love and marriage.  I excelled and became the Top Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach in Canada year after year after year.  I believe it is simply because of the trust my clients feel in me.

Meet the Matchmaker Calgary & Edmonton, Barb Sim
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Through my Professional Matchmaking and Dating Coaching Career, I discovered that I was both intuitive and empathic and have invested years in becoming a Certified Advanced Empowerment Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner.  I have been able to marry 24 years of Traditional Professional Matchmaking and Dating Coaching with unique Heart Centered Matchmaking Techniques that I plan to empower my members with both. My members will rediscover their own 6th sense and Vibrational Power and learn how by utilizing both can impact their success on attracting and creating chemistry with the opposite sex.  I am a unique Professional Matchmaker who understands the Art of Attraction and its’ importance to lasting love.  My Life Purpose is pairing couples using proven compatibility profiles and my divine gifts.  I live my life with intention and transparency and will teach my clients to embrace their gifts and set them on their path for Relationship Success… I Guarantee It!

I believe that a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach is the best gift you can give to your LOVE LIFE.  Do not settle with what the internet often provides in dating,  know with clarity what you want in a relationship and you will get the desired results you want.  A Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach knows how you can gain the insight you need to attracting the perfect person for you to fall in love  – and if the opposite sex cannot find you, there will be no happily ever after.  Do not settle – Date with Purpose, know what you want and let Love Matches introduce you to someone amazing!

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