You Are In Love – Now What? A Professional Matchmaker’s Insight

Professional Matchmaker for Single Men and Single Women in Calgary Canada
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You have met someone that you are absolutely smitten with, you have navigated your way through the initial honeymoon phase. Now What?  You want to keep the momentum going and this is the point as a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert I get a lot of questions from the single men and the single women of Calgary and Edmonton about “What is the Key To The Success of Loving and Lasting Relationships?” –  I want this love to grow, what insight can you provide as a Dating Expert about having a loving and successful relationship. This is the insight I provide to my clients.

  • Tell Your Partner How You Feel – Although it is true that actions speak louder than words – never under estimate the power of WORDS.  Sharing your thoughts about how you feel can be as easy as “You mean the world to me.” or  “I am so happy I met you.” can go along way to making your significant other feel wanted, cared for and secure in your relationship.
  • Show Affection – small acts of physical intimacy like holding hands, cuddling, your hand on the small of her back and hugs will give your partner a warm feeling and conveys love.  The littlest touch can be as important or even MORE important than the greatest night of intimacy.  Affection builds security in a relationship.
  • Show Appreciation – It is important to be clear about what you like about the person you are building a relationship with.  Share about how you value their character and strengths.  Building a romantic relationship is about encouraging and supporting each other.  Help your significant other achieve their potential by supporting them and showing appreciation.
  • Share Yourself – In the beginning it is important to to share many details about yourself with the person you want to build a long term relationship with. Your love interest needs to understand your likes, dislikes, fears, goals, achievements and dreams or anything else about yourself.  If something is important to you, your partner should know about it and vice versa.
  • Invest Time – Spend time together, there is a balancing between personal space, independence and sharing and investing time with each other.  Quality one on one time is essential.  I believe as a Dating Expert, that a weekend get away is the perfect setting to having time together to talk one on one in a car over a length of time and then sharing your self sand time through a shared experience.
  • Support Your Partner –   It is obvious what needs to be done when your partner faces a life challenge like a loss of job, or a death of a loved one or pet.  It is just as important to be there for the little things as well – a problem at work or with a friend can be a lot of stress, being the voice of reason or the sounding board when chaos strikes.  Listen and hear what is bothering your significant other.
  • Generosity – in the early stages of a relationship, take advantage of the opportunities to give tokens of your love.  Just the right book, a special treat or dessert, a bottle of wine or a small gift can show someone you care. Be generous with your love with romantic texts, romantic notes or cards, it is a reminder that your significant other is on your mind when you are not together.
  • Unconditional understanding of your partner’s feelings and emotions –  react lovingly to your partner’s emotions, short comings and feelings.  A relationship killer is unreasonable expectations of someone’s day to day mental and emotional wellness.  Humans are NOT robots, they come with over 3000 emotions that can be triggered by stress, lack of sleep, hunger and life’s day to day challenges.. It is important to hear and recognize and then appreciate and accept your loved one’s essence, their quirks and reactions and sensitivity.  Our shortcomings come from the core of our deepest insecurities — it is never a good idea to pick apart you significant other’s flaws, you have them as well.  You will get the same understanding back with your emotions.
  • Invest in “Couple Time” – no matter what is going on, it is the most important thing to take time to see each other, have new experiences or sharing allocated time is key to maintaining a relationship – so many couples will ruin a great relationship by assuming it is okay to get more lax with the investment of quality couple time.  If you do not have the opportunity to share one on one time,  a relationship will not survive.
  • Take nothing for granted – never miss an opportunity to have true gratitude for your partner and the blessings that they have brought into your life.  If you are happy in a relationship it is because your partner is doing many things to make your relationship happy, never take this for granted, a relationship takes work and the moment you stop investing in it, will be the moment it will   start to slide.
  • Be Fair – Remember the golden rule in your relationship, treat your love like you would like them to treat you.  Honour equality, do not expect or assume special conditions.  Do not expect something from your significant other that you are not willing to give them.

Relationships are the foundation of your personal life, they set the tone of everything around them.  When single men and single women become significant to each other, it is important to show how you truly value to each other.  The foundation you set in the beginning will dictate the success of the relationship.  A Professional Matchmaker wants your happily ever after. The most important thing that single men and single women of Calgary and Edmonton can do is be aware.  Once you know better, you can do better.  Strengthen yourself – Strengthen the Relationship.


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