On Line Dating Safety – Why A Matchmaker will Safe Guard You

On Line Dating Safety - Why A Matchmaker will Safe Guard You
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When I started in the Matchmaking Industry almost 25 years ago, there was no internet dating sites at all.  I was part of a team that pioneered the very first National Professional Matchmaking Corporation in Canada and that in itself came with a lot of negative judgement, stigma and controversy.  My peers and family were very concerned that Professional Matchmaking Companies did not even exist and maybe it was a front for something on the down low,  and how on earth could anybody make a full time career at Matchmaking?  I was a little nervous myself until I worked in the Edmonton office for 2 weeks and realized how so many Singles were in need of help to finding someone special to share their lives with,  and I know that so many of my clients have shared that what I do the THE MOST IMPORTANT PROFESSION OF ALL, because Matchmakers help Singles find that love and balance to their hardworking established professional life.

  • Matchmakers start screening and qualifying Singles immediately after the first telephone contact.  As a Matchmaker and Dating Expert, the very first point I establish with any potential member is that it my intent, as a Matchmaker to start the screening and qualifying process immediately, and so the potential client is prepared for the hundred and one personal questions that a seasoned Matchmaker will ask, and because it is approached in a straightforward PROFESSIONAL SCREENING PROFILING MANNER, both my male singles and female singles are grateful for no holds barred interview process.  The 45 minute screening on the phone, sets the tone to the 2 hour interview singles will go through when they are invited into my office based on their answers.  You could never go out and approach the opposite sex the same way as a Matchmaker does and hope get someone to feel romance towards you.

As  a Professional Matchmaker I will ask all my potential single clients over the phone:

  • Are you 100% single and available to meet the opposite sex?  There is no living with an ex girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other.  This question will also give insight if the single lives with an elderly parent or children as well.
  • Are you single never married, divorced,widowed or separated – if so, how long?
  • How is you health?  Any physical or mental challenges or handicaps?
  • Have you ever been committed to a psychiatric facility?
  • Have you ever been charged or convicted of any criminal infractions?  Have you ever been committed to a psychiatric facility?
  • Any criminal charges or convictions of any type.
  • Has alcohol and or drugs ever been a problem?……if so, in what way.
  • Any convictions of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  • Career, Position, Income, Years working?
  • Tell me about your love life.  Your fears, challenges and what has worked and what has not.
  • What have you been doing in trying to find love?
  • What are your relationship goals?
  • Are you in bankruptcy.

Over the years, I have heard some absolute horror stories about single men and single women and their on line dating experiences and I feel it would be valuable to share some guidelines for singles to put in their tool kit, so that when or if they decide to do some on line dating or before they decide to see a Professional Matchmaker, singles will have some On Line Dating Safety Tips, to give insight to their safety while dating on line.

  • Always guard your personal identity, there is absolute no reason why someone who you are potentially dating needs to see you ID via text or after meeting in person.
  • Never reveal any financial information – No CC Info – No Personal Banking Information or  Drivers’ License, Passport or Social Insurance Numbers.
  • Report bad behavior to the On Line Dating Site –  Have someone with ill intentions removed for the protection of other singles.
  • Block any potential singles who are asking for money, sending any offensive emails or texts, minors, married male or females, solicitation or anything that appears fraudulent.
  • Friend Requests from someone who has magazine quality photos, who are military, working over seas, widowed, excess spelling mistakes and bad grammar or a new profile with no history to it….B
  • Remain Anonymous with a potential date until you feel comfortable to meet in a public place.
  • Learn as much as possible about someone.
  • Guard your  On Line Information.
  • When meeting offline, tell a friend or family member where you are going and how long you will be.
  • Always stay sober.
  • Be leary if someone leaves a personal item behind to initiate a second unwanted date
  • Have friend call you, to see if you are okay while on the date.
  • Let a friend know that you have made it home safe.
  • Be Web Wise – be leary of a potential date that is talking a lot about fate and destiny, someone needing money or your address or phone number.
  • Have caution when someone wants to meet your kids too early, they could be a sexual predator.
  • Never allow to belittle you, your heart or your self esteem.
  • Be leary of anyone with odd usernames or taglines.
  • Listen to your intuition or gut instincts – ALWAYS!!

Something I think is also valuable insight for singles to understand, is that many single men and single women see the On Line dating Sites as the modern bar scene,  it is a place to have a look, flirt, fool around and look for sex and one night stands.  The type of clients at are attracted to Matchmaking Professionals are singles who are serious and sincere about finding love,  someone willing to put thought, energy and effort in finding the right person to fall in love with,  many high profile clients and local celebrities that want to be discreet,  many teachers that do not want students or parents of students to know that they are out there searching, owners of business, judges, MLAs or policemen and  countless regualar single men and single women looking for privacy.  Many widows and widowers are guided by friends and family to use a Matchmaker.  The insight of matchmakers, along with the thorough screening makes for a great foundation to meeting the opposite sex. Time is valuable,  why allow chance to jeopardize or compromise your life or attitude towards the opposite sex.  It is about meeting quality and qualified singles so that you do not get frustrated of dating and decide to stop the process of finding love.


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