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You Will Need Dating Coach
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What are Limiting Beliefs?  Limiting Beliefs are thoughts that are unsupportive to you achieving a goal that is important to you. Limiting Beliefs will cause you to struggle, procrastinate and doubt and they influence how you engage and relate to others.  As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach I have invested in learning about the conscious mind which is your awareness and how it is governed by the subconscious mind which is beneath the surface and is programmed  by information you may have encountered in your formative years ( 1 year old to 7 years old).  When you are young you take on your family beliefs on love and relationships, what an impressionable child sees in their parents relationship and what their parents’ family and friends have in their love and relationships.  These beliefs are easily embedded to children because they do not question, they have little judgement and they are sponges.  These limiting beliefs are no one’s fault,  and they can impact your self worth, how you view your value and judgement you put on love and relationships.  The positive thing is that you can shift these thoughts and single men and single women  looking to find love can change these limiting beliefs and change their love story to having success in finding the perfect match for them.

Included is a list of Limiting LOVE Beliefs — If you can check off that you have these Limiting LOVE Beliefs, you will be able to come to a solid conclusion about needing the help of a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach.  The guidance of a Dating Coach and Dating Expert will create the shift in the personal thoughts you have towards love and can drastically increase your chances in finding love that will last.

  • There are not enough quality Singles for everyone to succeed in a relationship.
  • All the great singles are taken, in a relationship or married.
  • What do I really have to offer the opposite sex?
  • Everyone I know has not succeed in relationships.
  • The odds are stacked up against you for having a great loving relationship.
  • Relationships are too much work.
  • I keep attracting losers.
  • Some people are lucky at love.
  • It takes too much time to succeed at love.
  • My walls are up — no one will hurt me again.
  • I am too busy to find the opposite sex.
  • I am too old to succeed at love now.
  • If I do not get involved in relationships, I can not get hurt.
  • Relationships bring nothing but stress.
  • Women and men look at me as someone with money and success….they do not see the real me.
  • Love hurts.
  • I am not good enough to attract or maintain a relationship.
  • I am scared to love.
  • I have no idea where to start in finding love.
  • I only meet people who I have nothing in common with.
  • I have no luck at love.
  • I can succeed at everything but love and relationships in my life.
  • I can not afford to date a  woman the way I want to.
  • I have a hard time at trusting in relationships.
  • It is not the right time for me to fall in love.
  • I am once bitten, twice shy when it comes to relationships.
  • If I had what the opposite sex wanted…. I would be coupled right now.
  • People in relationships are stuck and not happy.
  • Given my past with relationships, who would want me?
  • Am I worthy of love?
  • Can I be attractive to the opposite sex.
  • I need to lose weight before I start looking for love.
  • Everyone I know is a couple, I am tired of being the fifth wheel.
  • I want relationship that I can open up with like I do with my closest friends.
  • I do not enjoy socializing, how will I be able to meet the opposite sex?
  • Being with someone is better than being with the right person.
  • You are a dreamer if you think you will get the perfect person for yourself.
  • What can I bring into a relationship?
  • I am out of everyone’s league.
  • He/She is out of my league.
  • I resent that others have love.
  • The timing is not right to find love.
  • I attract the opposite sex for the wrong reasons.
  • All men want is sex.
  • All women want is money.
  • I do not deserve love.
  • I have made a lot of mistake in love in the past.
  • Why should I expect more from a relationship than my parents had.
  • When I like someone, they always like someone else.
  • Men/Women can not be trusted.
  • I have all the time in the world to fall in love.
  • I am out of my comfort zone when it comes to dating and love.
  • I still need to _________ before I find love.
  • Why would someone want me to be their significant other?
  • It is easier to meet when you are younger.
  • I am no good for the opposite sex.
  • I do not like looking for love.
  • My friends say they will set me up and never do.
  • I just want and expect too much in the opposite sex.
  • I care more about a person’s looks than anything else, is that normal?
  • At this rate,  I doubt I will ever find someone.
  • I am scared about sharing too much and being myself with opposite sex.
  • My friends always find love…..I do not.
  • Unlucky at life….unlucky at love.
  • You can not have it all.
  • Being in love means giving up power and control.
  • It is impossible to find love with ease.
  • I have never been popular with the opposite sex.
  • I have no idea what the opposite sex is expecting.
  • Being in love, means losing my self identity.
  • I am too private.
  • I am not good at sharing my time, space or place.
  • I am not as pretty, not as successful, not as lovable ……. as others.
  • I am not lovable.
  • I am scared about what love will do to my future.
  • What if I get hurt again?
  • I will probably fail at love.
  • I do not have any unique qualities, hobbies or interests.
  • I do not want to interfere with what should happen naturally.
  • The opposite sex picks me, I do not pick them
  • There is no way to have control over this part of your life.
  • I have pain from what my ex said and did in my last relationship.
  • Not everyone finds the lid to their pot.
  • People who say they are happy are dishonest.
  • I still feel like that geek, nerd……like I was when I was young.
  • I am confident about everything except love.
  • What will I lose if it doesn’t work out?
  • I do not like having to fit into someone else’s life.
  • I lost friends when my last relationship ended.
  • I do not like thinking about being intimate with someone again.
  • My last relationship had too many expectations for me.
  • I feel jealous when I am in love.
  • I feel insecure when I am in love.
  • What if my significant other want to change or control me.
  • What is the secret to finding love?
  • People play games and are not honest.
  • I am always disappointed over time with love.
  • I have given up on love.
  • I do not need love to be happy.

These  statements in this list are the reason you may not be succeeding at love.  What would your “Pinch me — am I dreaming Relationship look like?”  A Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach is the first place to start  when single men and single women want to find the love they are looking for.  A dating Coach will help shift your thinking and  will result in a positive outcome for love.  Single men in Calgary and Edmonton, Single women in Calgary and Edmonton need to strengthen themselves, so that they can strengthen relationships — A Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach can help!



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