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Complete Your Matchmaking Profile. Your Information is private and confidential. You can elect to become a Client, where Love Matches actively works for your Relationship Success or become a free member and be available to our network of Quality Singles. Our clients are interviewed by our Professional Matchmakers to ensure they are serious and qualified to have everything in their lives like education, career, home, friends, family, travel experiences and financial and emotional stability. We profile Our Client's Compatibility Traits, Chemistry Vitals and Relationship goals. Our Dating Experts work with Single Men and Women in Calgary and Edmonton.

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Schedule your Personal Touch Interview or Dating Coaching strategy session. All clients and potential matches MUST be interviewed and qualified by a Professional Matchmaker to assess who they are and where they are on their quest to finding a quality relationship. Our Dating Experts meet with every single man and every single woman in Calgary and Edmonton joining our Professional Matchmaking and Relationship Membership. Our approach not only allows for assessing the unique characteristics of every single member, but also ensures that we understand every member's compatibility foundation, their chemistry vitals and relationship goals. Every member is unique, our personal touch interviews will ensure that you will meet quality referrals hand picked to match your profile.

3Review your match

Once you have been interviewed by our Dating Experts, Your Professional Matchmaker begins the process of pairing you with Singles in Calgary and Edmonton that meet your criteria of Preferences, Compatibility and Chemistry Vitals and will discuss the potential dates with you. You will have the core facts that you need to approve your referrals with confidence. You will never meet anyone without APPROVING the Match. Let Love Matches and our Dating Experts take the unknowns out of 1st Dates -- allowing you to relax, be yourself and have fun. NO ONE wants to be interrogated on a date, it eliminates romance and does not lead to a 2nd date.

4Go on your date

It is important to meet in person. Once you and your Referral have both approved the Match -- the Gentlemen are expected to contact the Ladies immediately and set up a date. We recommend a short meeting -- a coffee, lunch or quick appetizer or drinks after work (about a one hour meeting) -- remember, Love Matches and their Team of Experienced Professional Match Makers have created a foundation for this date, all you need to do is show up.

Feedback is an Integral part of Professional Matchmaking in achieving your Relationship success. Feedback is received from both parties and then assessed by your Dating Expert to determine the success of this date and then map the next step of fine tuning your second date. Your Success is Our Success. Communication and Feedback will direct us to achieving your Relationship Goals.

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