Gold Diggers – Single Men and Single Women Beware

Gold Diggers -Single Men and Single Women Beware
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How To Protect Yourself – A Professional Matchmaker can help

One of the allures of Alberta is the opportunities to create all kinds of wealth.  When you look at our province you see  many wealthy people who have made  their fortunes in agriculture, oil and gas, engineering, business and with all the head offices and support services that go hand and in hand to support these industries – Alberta has always attracted single men and single women from all over the world to come live in Calgary, Edmonton and Ft. Mac Murray.  It only makes sense that those who have ambition, work ethic and motivation have achieved success here in Alberta.  As A Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert, who has been in the Matchmaking Industry for 24 years, it has been my  privilege to protect and assist e the wealthy single men and single women of Alberta in finding the perfect person to fall in love with.

If you know anybody single with some wealth, you may witnessed a “Gold Digger” in one form or another.  As a Professional Matchmaker I have heard countless stories about intelligent men and women being mesmerized by a gold digger.  In our modern world, established men and women unfortunately do need to worry about getting tricked by the proverbial gold digger.  In fact, that is often why clients come to Love Matches in the first place, they need help because of their busy schedules or they are needing  assistance of  ensuring they do not get romantically involved away with someone who only wants to marry them for their hard earned money.  It is a real concern and as a Professional Matchmaker I have met and interviewed people who would do anything including seeing a Professional Matchmaker in hopes of meeting the quality members in the data base.  The good news is there is a thorough screening process to ensure that such men and women do not find their way into our membership. I have decided to share some tips to keep in mind when you are meeting new people so that you can have clarity on who is after your money and who would be the perfect person to fall in love with.

  1. First of all – Try not to be too flashy with your wealth.  You have worked so hard and you want to enjoy the fruits of your labour  and with maturity you want some of the finer things in life.  You deserve these things and when I have conducted one on one personal  interviews I have heard how some people are looking for someone who flashes their credit cards, Rolex watches, fancy homes, clothing and vehicles.  It is like putting a neon sign over your head inviting gold diggers get involved with you.  That being said – you do NOT need to mistrust everyone single person that comes your way, you just need to have some Professional Matchmaker’s insight to ensure you do not fall victim to the Gold Diggers’ charm.
  2. Trust your intuition – Gold Diggers can be so charming, attractive and exciting,  yet if you are watching for it, you will notice a superficiality to them.  If your intuition has alerted you – TRUST IT, do not over think it…TRUST IT!!  You may notice that a gold digger is entranced with labels, brand names and net worth.  Someone who truly likes you for you wants to know about you,  your feelings, how your day went, your deepest thoughts and about your life.  Someone who would rather go shopping than watch a movie or go for a walk holding hands, or someone who will ONLY fly 1st class, or only stay in a penthouse suite in the hotel and are not happy when they do not get there way – seriously that is NOT normal behavior.  Sexual chemistry in the beginning of a relationship will cloud everything – deep down you have a voice warning you and if you do not want to listen to that voice or ask a friend their honest opinion, you may not want to hear it – but you will pay for it later in more ways later!
  3. Another way of getting clarity is to listen to your new found love’s words.  Someone who says they are not materialistic, not a gold digger is basically trying to convince themselves and others of this.  It is like someone talking about not being a womanizer – loyal people to do go around talking about this, their actions and past speak louder than words.  Trust me this is another red flag.
  4. This next point is something that is good insight to everyone, not just for looking for gold diggers.  Use your senses,  take time to sit back and observe and listen.  How your new  love  interest is treating wait staff, cleaning staff, their peers of the same sex or your friends can be an indicator  of their true colors.  You never want to invest in someone who is rude,cruel or mean to any human being.  When you are people watching, notice if your date is seeing the positive in others or if there is a lot of superficial judgement.  These kind of behaviors can reflect inner character.
  5. Watch if you are spending money faster than you have ever before in your life.  When you meet someone and there is sexual chemistry, there is a lot of incredible vibrations that you are feeling, it can be intoxicating!  It is normal that you want to impress a new love,  it is NOT normal if you are finding that the money you are spending is way more than you could imagine month after month after month.  When you get into a relationship you set the tone of how things are always going to be,  a healthy relationship will show thoughtfulness.  The person you are sharing time should want to impress you as well.  It shows someones character when they are willing to treat you and take you out – or surprise you with homemade goodies, suppers or coffees.  Relationships are a balance of give and take, just like intimacy – someone selfish is not fun after the chemistry cools… me chemistry always cools.
  6. No matter what the balance of  your bank account,  you deserve someone who loves you for who are and not what you have.  LOVE YOURSELF, VALUE YOURSELF….the person who you are  romantically involved  with can only love and value you as much as you love and value yourself.  Most people give more  than they should and that is wonderful… if you do not  honour yourself, no one else will.  REFRAIN FROM SPENDING EXCESSIVE amounts of money until you have invested some time into getting to know this person better.  Take time, you will not have to wonder later if your partner is with you for the right or wrong reasons.
  7. Autonomy, Autonomy, Autonomy – Professional Matchmakers will make sure that you meet  people who already have things going for them in their lives.  In other words, be wary of someone without a career, or if it feels like they are waiting for someone to give them their life, hobbies, interest and friends.  Chameleons belong in the zoo, not in your arms.  Someone who changes their behaviour or opinions to your life and situations are fake.  Someone does not need to earn exactly what you earn, … but they do need a job, career, a way to earn their own money or at the very least something that they are excited  and passionate about.

Ultimately money can create a unique set of problems.  Just remember while not everyone out to get your bank account, it is not a bad idea to be self aware of these things.  A Professional  Matchmaker can give you insight that you may not be able see clearly in the very beginning of a passionate relationship.  One on One personal interviews can screen the Gold Diggers from someone who is truly compatible with you.

In summary,  look at the facts when finding the perfect person to fall in love with – step out of the fire of chemistry.  If you are spending a ton of money on someone you are dating, remember LOVE does not come with a financial price with it. One on One personal interviews with a Professional Matchmaker will help the Gold Diggers from some who will love you in good times and bad … for richer or for poorer.

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