Professional Matchmaker’s Dating Advice – The REAL REASON HE IS NOT CALLING

Professional Matchmaker's Dating Advice -- The REAL REASON HE IS NOT CALLING
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Dating Expert’s Advice – The Real Reason He Is Not Calling

You met a Single Man that has peeked your interest, you find yourself wondering more about who he is, does he fit into your life? Is he interested in you? The date was, in your opinion AMAZING!! You actually light up when sharing a little about him and part of you does not want to gush because it is too early to expect anything at all.ย  SO WHY HAS HE NOT FOLLOWED UP – he said he would.ย  A Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert will give you the clarity you need about this single man who is not calling, friends can sometimes sugar coat the truth you need to know.

We have all been there and truthfully it is something that messes with your confidence.ย  You know that you are attractive to men because of the other dates you have been on.ย  You go over the date or dates , and in your mind and NO you are not crazy – there was definitely fun, spark and interest … and … arghhhhh … WHAT HAPPENED – HE IS NOT CALLING.ย  As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert, I will give you insight that you need to understand what single men have shared with me over the years about what is going on in their minds when they do not call you back.ย  This is what I have heard.

  • She was nice … just nice,ย  not enough spark, no challenge, no chemistry.
  • She gave me the impression that she was high maintenance, a gold digger or comes across superficial.
  • Not FUN – Stiff – No Humour – Not playful, not lighthearted,ย  not happy, very uptight.
  • She came across too desperate with her marriage agenda, she was screening me for what her last relationship did to her, biological clock is ticking – BOOM BOOM and frankly I think it may be a lot on the late side of having a family.
  • Aggressive felt like I was being interrogated, interviewed like she did not trust me and never gave me the benefit of the doubt.
  • Drama, Drama, Drama – No job, her car broke down, her cat died, the microwave exploded and friendship frictions galore and that all just happenedย  yesterday yikes !!
  • Very Insecure, was looking for confirmation about herself and I really do not know her that well to do it.
  • NEGATIVE/JUDGEMENTAL the conversation she was sharing about past dates … and the way she spoke of the dating process made me wonder what she would be saying about me to the next date.
  • She asked about my Ex –Please never ask anyone about heir ex – an Ex is an Ex for a reason.
  • Awkward– the date did not feel organic very uncomfortable … perhaps even phony.
  • AGAIN THERE WASN’T ENOUGH CHEMISTRY – he liked you, he was not prepared to move mountains for you … JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

** * These reasons can go both ways.ย  If she isย  always busy and putting you off,ย  then these may be the exact same reasons why she is not responding.

In Summary, If a Single Man is interested in you he will move mountains to be with you.ย  Do not accept anything less!ย  Single women often overthink that.ย  When in doubt consult a Professional Matchmaker or Dating Expert to get clarity do not waste your time on a Single Man who may be sharing his time with other Single Ladies.


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