Dating Coaching – Can You Make Yourself More Attractive?

Date Coaching - Can You Make Yourself More Attractive?
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Working in the Matchmaking Industry for 2 and a half decades has brought a lot of insight into Dating Coaching in Calgary and Dating Coaching in Edmonton for single men  looking for women and single women looking for men.  The one thing that I am certain of is that chemistry and attraction can start at 1st sight or it can sneak up on singles.  Attraction to good looks may be part of being human and our modern society has heightened the bias.  The media has portrayed the ideal perfect match as someone who is exceptionally pretty or handsome.  In reality, after conducting over 20,000 personal one on one interviews and working with singles over these years – I know from personal experience that you only have to be moderately attractive to attract most of the opposite sex. A Dating Coach knows that singles  tend to “couple up” with correlated attraction levels.  Couples tend to fall in love with similar ranges of education, religious beliefs, core values and socioeconomic status.  The only exceptions are if you knew this single as friends before the romance starts.

Can You Make Yourself More Attractive – YES!

  • Be Comfortable and Confident -developing comfort in your own body increases the dynamic of attractiveness and the best way to get to that level of comfort is by stepping out of your comfort zone and take a dance class, acting class, zumba, yoga or hiking group.  It will improve body gestures and help you focus on your strengths which in turn will bring about a level of confidence that is so attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Network – finding love at a bar or lounge happens less than you think.  As a single man looking looking for women or single women looking for single men you are so much better off to join a group who enjoys similar activities.  Keep investing in yourself by joining groups and eventually you will find someone to click with.  Remember the saying, where attention goes, energy flows and where energy flows, you will get a result.
  • Do NOT play too hard to get – you definitely do not want to come across as easy to get- but you do not want to make it so DIFFICULT for someone to be with that your potential partner in love gives up. Some men want to feel that they are winning at pursuing, some men like challenges and ultimately everyone wants to feeling like they are investing in a challenge that will end up in their favour.  If a man feels like he can make a woman happy, it will bring out the best in him and he will feel it is worth continuing the pursuit.
  • Show your charisma or magnetism – physical attraction is not all about looks, our expressions, humour, attitude and playfulness will show our inner light to the opposite sex when we share.  Never be afraid to be yourself and to not take yourself too seriously.
  • Intimate Conversation – you can definitely generate romantic attraction by asking questions that open up self disclosure.  As a Dating Coach and Professional Matchmaker, I do NOT generate attraction, and that being said, I get to see my single client in a light of self disclosure that really shows their authentic personality.  Do not be afraid to ask questions, just do not make it sound like an interrogation.
  • Be A Present Partner – be open, be available.  Bright eyes, an easy smile, open mindedness and engage — your chemistry factor will sky rocket.  Look for the good, the diamond in the rough.  One of my single women took one of my single gentlemen for an updated haircut,  he instantly becomes more attractive to other women and when he started receiving romantic attention from women, his confidence blossomed and my  client was hooked.
  • Do Not Be Too Eager To Please – It is part of the dating ritual for the men to do little things to show interest and the woman needs to relax and receive.  If you pursue the man, he often becomes less interested.
  • Share the Positive Side of Life – positive experiences are always better than revealing negative experiences.  Light conversation, current events and sharing will put your best side forward.  You can share the positive and the negative more once you really get to know someone better.  Authenticity makes everyone more beautiful.
  • Image Update – when you feel you are looking your best, you will show your best self.  It never hurts to step out of a look with an update on a small scale.  You do not need to get drastic about an update.  Confidence and how you feel about yourself often is on par with how you are feeling you are looking.

Dating Coaching for single men looking for women and single woman looking for men can cause dramatic results with just small shifts in self.  You can always start with a small detail to improve attractiveness and then when you feel the shift from the results, you will feel more comfortable looking and pursuing the opposite sex.  Dating in Calgary and Edmonton will have the best results when you take the time to be ready  and confident with yourself and your style and personality.  You have all the tools you need to be attractive to the opposite sex,  just be open.  Single Men and Single Women evolve over time,  we tend to get stuck in some scenario that played out in Junior High – Strengthen yourself and you will Strengthen Relationships.


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