To Blab or Not To Blab – Insight from A Dating Expert

Dating Expert for Singe Men, Single Women
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Dating can be a real a challenge in terms of where to go, what to wear, how is it going to go and so on.  When you get to the date, this is where both parties need to figure out what to ask and even more important what to share – to Blab or Not To Blab is the million dollar question.  As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert who has helped single men and single women navigate thousands of dates, I can not stress enough – less is more!  You want to share and NEVER GET TOO PERSONAL, shock value will not get you another date.


  • Details of Past Loves, Past Relationships, Exes
  • Do Not Ask How You Look
  • Gossip
  • Religion
  • Politics – Trudeau, Trump, gun control, abortion
  • Why Your Marriage Did Not Work
  • Your Own Sexual Experience or Inexperience
  • Your Bank Account
  • Your wealth, Your poverty
  • Your Superiority, Your Inferiority
  • Previous Health Issues, Hospitalizations
  • Bigotry, Your Family’s Bigotry
  • Previous Love Affairs
  • Previous One Night Stands
  • Previous Indiscretions
  • Previous Flings with the Boss
  • Previous Flings with a Friend’s Significant Other
  • Menage a Trois or More
  • Do Not ask Your Date if they come to this Establishment Often
  • Do Not Ask Your Date if they Date a lot
  • Do Not Talk About Weather
  • How much money they make


  • Ask about your date’s Education
  • Ask about your date’s Career
  • Favorite Activity or Hobbies
  • Favorite Restaurants and Foods
  • Travel
  • Current Events
  • Ask about your date’s Day
  • Ask if they are a Dog person or Cat person
  • Ask about favorite Sports Teams
  • Ask about favorite Actor, Actress
  • Ask about Movies they have seen
  • Ask about Family – brothers, sisters and parents
  • Ask about where they grew up
  • Ask anything positive


First Dates, Second Dates, Third dates are meant to be chemistry finders.  When single men and single women want to bring up conversation that will wind up putting either themselves or their date in an uncomfortable situation, it is NEVER a great idea.  It is better to go into a date prepared, think about things you want to learn about your date and be willing to share the same information with them.  A Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert puts a lot of effort in narrowing the search and pairing the single man and the single woman for perfect date, do not blow the date with aimless gossip or bad topics.  Dating is tough enough – prep yourself on what to Blab and NOT to Blab.


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