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Experience is the difference Love Matches offers when it comes to Matchmaking.  Online dating sites are full of people with questionable motives, swayed truths and hidden agendas. When it comes to Finding Love for Singles our Professional Matchmakers and Dating Experts are both experienced and compassionate and provide heart centered Professional Matchmaking and Date Coaching for our clients.  Our core philosophy is to be accountable to our members and our extensive Personal Touch Interviews provide the security of knowing that our members are who they say they are and are all wanting loving and lasting relationships.  We offer  affordable and heart centered Professional Matchmaking based on your compatibility, attraction and relationship goals.


Why Love Matches? Dating Experts

Why is a matchmaker important?
  • Quality Singles
  • Singles Wanting Relationships
  • No more Wasting your Time searching profiles that contain half truths and old photos
  • Know your Referral has similar Lifestyle,Values, Interests and Relationship Goals
  • Private Offices, Face to Face Personal Interviews, Current Information
  • Confidence in Knowing a Professional Matchmaker has met and verified your Referrals' Confidence, Sense of Humor, Appearance, Weight, Integrity, Education, Stability and Availability

We are  the Dating Experts in Finding Love for Singles with accountability,  compassion and integrity.  Our Dating Experts will ensure your matches have both a high level of compatibility and chemistry.  Our Professional Matchmakers take time getting to know you before we start matching you.  Our Professional Matchmakers meet with every single man and single woman in the Calgary and Edmonton area joining our Personal Touch Matchmaking Service.  Our Dating Experts have the insight for assessing all characteristics, chemistry and compatibility of every single member. Love Matches ensure that your referrals  are compatibility paired with your chemistry vitals.  Members come from all walks of life and age groups.  Every member is unique, our personal touch interviews will determine where you are in your dating and relationship journey.   Whether members have little relationship experience or  a lot of long term experience, every client is willing to come in for a personalized interview and has the goal of wanting a long term relationship with someone special.

LOVE MATCHES — Personal Touch Introductions is what guarantees your satisfaction. We begin the relationship process by getting to know you and what you are looking for in a loving relationship.  Whether your relationship goals are long term, marriage or a common law relationship.  Love Matches introduces you to the singles in Calgary and Edmonton with similar lifestyles, attitudes, values and relationship goals.  Chemistry combined with Compatibility  ensure a better chance of developing a lasting and loving relationship.  We believe in the quality of the Personal Touch Introductions. Our Professional Matchmakers will greatly improve your chances of meeting the right person for you.  Love Matches is focused on pairing single men and women of Calgary and Edmonton who are serious about forming lasting and loving relationships.  WE GUARANTEE IT.  Let us find your perfect person.  We strive for complete customer satisfaction with over 24 years of  combined industry experience, we have tried, true and proven Professional Matchmaking insight to provide our members.

Professional Matchmaking

Trust In The Experience of our Professional Matchmakers


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Love Matches will help you achieve your Relationship Goals — We work with you every step of way.  Starting from the initial phone call, to our personal one on one interviewing/screening process.  Guiding you through our proven compatibility profiling as the foundation of you referrals, paired with our expertise in raising  your chemistry and attraction vitals ……. a winning combination for a lasting relationship.

Love Matches cares about you and we listen to your needs.  Throughout this journey you will have contact with our Professional Matchmakers and Dating Coaches and we’ll help you understand your compatibility profiles as we assist you on your journey to love.  Love Matches’  Dating Experts know how to help you utilize your personality and chemistry to attract the opposite sex.  Our profiling will help us recognize what you have to bring to a loving relationship.

Love Matches help single men and women  in Calgary and Edmonton fall in love easily and naturally.  With Dating Experts, we can guarantee our accountability to your membership.  We will provide you what you need to succeed…..No over promising and under delivering….you only pay for what we provide you in service, referrals and coaching.  Our members are screened for stability, availability and can not have any criminal charges — they are willing to invest in love and their end results.  Our members have everything except that right person to share life with.

Love Matches breaks the ice for you.  Your referrals are hand picked for you and you will be meeting quality single women and men in Calgary and Edmonton who want to meet you and are ready to get to know you when the chemistry and attraction is there.

Love Matches are the DATING EXPERTS!  We understand what it takes to get you into a loving relationship.  We can help with self image, increase your chemistry vitals and guide you into loving and understanding yourself more.  The way you love yourself is the way your partner will love you.  You may have been imprinted with some negative connotations about relationships — just based on your upbringing or what may have happened to you in previous relationships.  If you are ready for your LAST FIRST DATE …..LET OUR PROFESSIONAL MATCHMAKERS INTRODUCE YOU.

Love Matches Team of Dating Experts are skilled in Heart Centered Pairing Techniques.  we have the experience, skill, intuition, guidance and talents needed for your success.  Our unique gifts ensure your success and will naturally enhance many ares in your life.

Love Matches provides a safe alternative to finding someone special.  Every potential referral for you has been interviewed by our Professional Matchmakers.  Our members are looking for lasting love and are willing to invest in their memberships so they can work with Dating Experts to end old thought patterns that get in the way of lasting relationships.  This journey will lead to a whole new level of success with personal relationships.

Love Matches have members who are qualified and empowered with the tools to succeed.  the common thread of our members is their desire for more loving, passionate and fulfilling relationships.

Love Matches is confidential and discreet.  Our members can feel confident in the privacy and supportive guidance of our Team of Professional Matchmakers, skilled in the Art of Falling in Love.  Love Matches wants to make a difference in the Professional Matchmaking Industry.  You do not need to waste any more time, you are busy, perhaps frustrated with on line dating.  Random dating has no potential to the success of finding true love.  No more repeating past mistakes or old dating patterns.  It is time to be the best you can be in personal relationships.

Love Matches will help you learn to go through life with the tools you need to succeed in love that no Professional Matchmaker has ever taught you.  Empowerment taught through guidance, coaching and supporting our members.

In Summary, Love Matches are the Professional Matchmakers and Dating Experts that provide Professional Matchmaking for single women and men in Calgary and Edmonton.  Singles can trust Love Matches to help them in find the perfect person to share their life with.

Why Love Matches?  Dating Experts Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert for singles in Calgary and Edmonton - dating advice
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