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As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert working with singles in the Calgary and Edmonton area for over 24 years – I have read many books and articles one Love.  I thought I would highlight “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman because I see it as valuable information for relationships. These love languages can affect the depth of a connection in a relationship.  When two singles fall in love, the beginning of the relationship should be pure bliss, and then as time goes on, many couples will notice that their connection is not there.  As humans in a loving relationships, we all have emotional love tanks that need to be filled up on a regular basis.  It is what fuels our soul. When you getting the support you need for your emotional needs, you will act happier, more loving, patience and supportive. I will list the 5 Love Languages, so that you can use it to figure out what you need and also the one you are dating, or looking to date.

  • Words of Affirmation – someone who’s love language is words of affirmation, prefers spoken words of appreciation and praise.  You want a partner that is open and expressive of their love for you and are appreciative of who you are and what you do.  Verbal compliments are a must for someone who wants words of affirmation.
  • Acts of Service – someone who’s love language is acts of service are looking for action more than words.  They want someone to go out of their way to do something like cook dinner, fix something around the house or massage their feet after a busy day.
  • Receiving Gifts – Do you feel loved when you receive gifts?  These gifts are not just on special occasions but on non-occasion days as well.  When your partner goes on a business trip, receiving a gift means they were thinking of you and actually took time out of their busy schedule to get you something.
  • Quality Time – Spending time together is important to you.  You want your partner’s attention and want to share one on one quality time.  A romantic dinner, a movie night, a walk or weekend getaway.
  • Physical Touch – Physical Touch must not be confused with sex.  Physical Touch is felt more through holding hands, a hug or a nice snuggle together.

You may have gone through this list and though that you appreciate all 5 of the Love Languages.  That can be true, but when you take the time to go through the quiz in Gary Chapman’s book, you will be able to figure out what really makes you feel emotional supported.  You do not need to have the same Love Language as the person you are dating, you just need to focus on meeting each other’s needs.  If you do find someone with the same Love Language as you, then you will naturally do for each other what you need most – making this the easiest Love Language to support.

Love Languages are one valuable component of a relationship for singles in Calgary and Edmonton to know,  what a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert can ensure in a potential relationship, is that you are aligning with similar lifestyle choices, values and personality traits.  To be compatible with someone, you do not need to be identical in your core values and beliefs, but there are some compatibility traits that are more important to match than others.  The compatibility traits that can be deal breakers in a relationship can be faith, religion or spirituality and affection and sexual levels need to be complimentary. as well.  A personal one on one interview will give insight to who you are and what will be best for your long term relationship goals.


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