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First dates can be exciting, terrifying, nerve racking and they end in one of two ways … with that over the top feeling you get from chemistry and attraction that you have with each other or knowing that this was just another 1st date that did not go anywhere.  Dating As a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert who has been in the industry for over 24 years, I recommend that you single men and single women change that negative to a positive and look at it as an opportunity to fine tune your dating skills so that when the person of your dreams is there right in front of you … you do NOT blow it and as a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert knows … that out of every 100 people you can meet who are both single and you are attracted to, there are usually only one to three possibilities of true compatible foundation that can bring you to a lasting and loving relationship with a future.  Single men and Single women are aiming to be show their BEST SELVES when they are going on 1st dates, all the while trying to navigate dates without feeling awkward, intimidated and pressured.  I went on several 1st Dates before I met my husband, and there were times I would go home after my date and be absolutely shocked with myself… It was like …”who was that woman on that date?… it certainly was not the authentic you …”  as a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert, I clearly had the knowledge of how present yourself on a date and yet when you actually get on a date it can be a whole other scenario than you had hoped for yourself.  Over the last 24 years, while working in the Professional Matchmaking Industry when my clients were sharing their experiences about their 1st Dates.  I was often shocked about the Gentleman’s feedback versus the Ladies’ feedback.  It was complete and polar opposite information.  I know there are two sides to a story and everyone has their perception …but WOW, how could feedback be so different?  I want to give some Dating Advice to Single Men and Single Women, in hopes to helping and supporting them in their quest for relationships.  Your dating success is a Professional Matchmaker’s success!!


After your Professional Matchmaker has received the approval for the date from both the single man and the single woman.  It is up to the gentleman to call the lady to set up a 30 minute to 1 hour date to meet in person.  It will set the tone that you are a gentleman who is definitely wanting a serious relationship and that you are not afraid to take initiative.  Gentlemen you MUST MAKE SURE that you are there before your date.  It is one of the first  things you do to make your date feel comfortable.  It sets the tone for the entire date.  Limit the time of your 1st date.  I recommend a coffee, or a quick drink ( only 1 or maybe 2 if you can handle your alcohol) or appetizers.  You want the date to be the initial evaluation of chemistry,  because chemistry is determined in the first 5 minutes and you do not want to over share and dominate the conversation, you want the date to be an even  amount of sharing and you want to leave your date excited about wanting to know more about you.  There is a net that Single Ladies cast out to determine if you are relationship worthy… DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TRAP … if your date wants to know about your relationship past or anything along that line of questioning, it is important that you say that you will be happy to share that information and history with her once you get more serious and then remind her that you are here to get to know her.  Her cheeks may blush, but this is another easy way to show your strength.  At the end of the date, make it absolutely clear what your intentions are.  Remember the golden rule, treat someone as you hope they will treat you, being honest can feel uncomfortable and it is the right thing to do.  If you are not planning to meet with her again, you just need to say that is was great to meet her today and that you are planning to continue to meet other referrals and wish her the best in her search for love.  Single men and Single women can find allies in each other, friendship is a possibility and you could wind up being each other’s wing man or wing woman.  If you would like to spend some friendship time with the opposite sex, invite them to a movie or become each other’s supporter in your quest for love.


Your Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert has set you up on a date that you have approved to have potential chemistry and compatibility with.  Your date had been qualified so you do NOT need to interrogate him – SHOW HIM who you are, SHARE with him what you are truly thinking.  Do not be afraid that if he is talking too much or not asking questions about you, that you have the power to turn a potential bad date into an awesome date. When clients come in for a personal touch one on one interview with me and they are not making the best impression with me,  I touch my heart and ask if this is how they would interact with a lady on a date?  Every single time, the gentleman is surprised that I am calling him out on his inappropriate behavior and will usually be happy to share  what is truly causing this and often it is just nerves.  When you are straight forward with someone it will establish a bond of honesty and trust and it is a great way to break any nervous tension.  If this single gentleman is not your potential love interest, you will have helped him do better on his next date.  Think of it as relationship karma, all the fairness and honesty that you put into dates will come back to you in Universe time.  Single men do not want to meet someone who acts perfectly on a date, they want the opportunity to get to know you,  they do not invest in Matchmaking Memberships for the fun of it, thy want results.  Single women are in the driver’s seat when it comes to dating, help the single man know what you are looking for without talking to him like you would talk to your girlfriends.  Men are happy to share what they want when they are dating and looking for a serious relationship and it is important that you do the same WITHOUT giving all your information away.  A 1st date is not the place to share that you are want to be married in a year, that sends out  all kinds of inappropriate messages.  This same information can be better received at a later time.  Always go in wanting to have fun, smiling single women are always the prettiest women.  Breathe right into your heart center until you feel like you are your true self.  Breathing into your heart will put your entire body to where it should be for a date.  No one ever wants to hear about your last date, or anything negative about any other men, dating or relationships, even if it feels like he is engaging you into this … in the end your Professional Matchmaker and Dating Expert will tell you that he said you were the negative one.  The most important things to take with you on a date is your warmth, sincerity, openness and a smile.  You never want to give a single man the impression that you are out of his league because that is just arrogance and indicates your insecurity.  Lay the groundwork that you are a lady and want to be treated the same way that you treat others.  Never ask about his Exes, or about his past relationships on a first date.  Put on your compassion goggles … turn judgement into compassion.  You need an open loving mind to find love.  LOVE is a vibration, so do not lower it … raise it!!

In summary if you are looking for more Expert Dating Advice for Singles and Professional Matchmaker Experience, contact Love Matches to have an in depth evaluation about your Dating and Chemistry Vitals.  Strengthen yourself – strengthen relationships.


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