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Complete your online Matchmaking Profile. Your information is private and confidential. You can elect to become a Client, where we actively work for your Relationship Success or become a free member and be available to our network of quality singles.

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Schedule your personal Professional Matchmaking Consultation or Dating Coaching strategy session. All clients and potential matches MUST be interviewed and qualified to assess who they are and where they are on their journey to finding lasting love.

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Once you have been interviewed and we customize a membership to fit your relationship needs. Your Matchmaker begins the process of pairing you with singles that meet your criteria and then discussing the potential date with you. You will not meet anyone without approving the Match.

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It is important to meet in person to determine chemistry and attraction. Once you have Approved your Match --the gentleman is expected to contact his referral immediately and set up a date. Love Matches recommends a coffee, lunch,or quick appetizer or drink after work-- remember we have created a foundation for this date, all you need to do is HAVE FUN!!


Meet the matchmaker

Hi there single, I have been working in the Matchmaking industry since 1993. I have personally conducted 20,000 one on one personal interviews and have mentored thousands of singles in romance, dating, image consulting, sex and relationships. My strengths in Matchmaking include my listening skills, my compassion, intuition and experience. I have 24 years in Traditional Matchmaking and I have paired that with becoming a Certified Empowerment Practitioner, as well as developing the Art of Attraction with it's Attraction Vitals to give singles insight in understanding their energy and it's affect on sexual chemistry. My members always compliment me on my intuition, my work ethic and insight to their lives and how to strengthen themselves to enhance relationships. Let's find you someone special to share your life with and most of all, let's have some FUN doing it. I look forward to working with you.

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What our clients say

Love Matches has been a great help and has saved me from the hours of sorting through on line profiles.  I no longer have to go through endless inflated bios and waste significant amounts of time and energy on countless emails only to find out that the person is a terrible match for me when we finally meet.  I am so satisfied with Love Matches service and I am excited to announce that I am falling in love with my last referral Jenn.

Jason M.

I’ve been a client of Barb’s and I am very satisfied with the service of Love Matches.  Being a busy and active professional, my time is limited.  I’ve tried several websites and they were not worth the effort.  It’s refreshing to work directly with someone who is intuitive, works hard and has her clients best interest in mind.  It has put the FUN back into dating.  All my referrals have been with the kind of women I want to meet, and I am certain I will meet the one soon, I have been on 4 dates and have more referrals.  Barb has an innovative approach and has been easy to work with.  She is genuine, straight forward and pays close attention to detail.

John T.

Working with Barb has given me insight to what I have to offer in a relationship.  This experience has been life changing.  I have refreshed my look and confidence.  I am thrilled with what I have learned through the Dating Coaching.  Jean Mac is like no one I have ever been introduced to before.  We are so attracted to each other and have so many things in common.  Looking forward to what the future holds.

Diana C.
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